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The AnarchoPride group is composed of Swedish gay anarchists, and this summer they hope to hold an alternative festival to contrast with the official gay Europride festival in Stockholm. Here is their announcement from the A-Infos website.


Sweden, Stockholm, Anarchopride 31/7-3/8:

We want anarchists to gather during Europride in Stockholm, Sweden. Camp with us, do discussions, workshops and actions. Join us in the parade and go to our party. We welcome everyone to anarchopride at Cyklopen and Kaf? 44.Anarchopride wants to be an alternative to the commercial europride and the superficial gay culture. Norms about sexuality and gender is one of several structures in the society that oppress people. We struggle not just against homophobia or heterosexism, we struggle against all oppressions and against capitalism and the state. We believe that the arranging of people in small heterosexual families helps the state to maintain control.

During anarchopride we will discuss and act. We will fill these days with a lot of inspiration and DIY-culture.

No one is free until we're all free! Smash capitalism! Reclaim pride!



31/7-3/8 at Cyklopen. You can stay with us for free in the house of culture, Cyklopen, in a suburb of Stockholm.


1/8 at Cyklopen. A day full of inspiration, action and DIY-culture.


2/8. Join us behind the banner "Anarchists breaking borders".


31/7 at Kaf? 44. Punk and other live music and performances at Kaf? 44, in the city centre of Stockholm.

Organizers: Stockholms anarchafeminists

At the same time, there will be held "Autonomous Action Days" (29/7-2/8) in Helsinki. Its easy to take a ferry between Helsinki and Stockholm.

And if you want to come to Sweden earlier... from Stockholm you can take another cheep boat to the island Gotland and the medieval city Visby, there the Alternative Week - like a summer camp for radical movements - is going to take place 6-12 july. Meet syndicalists, greens, autonomists, anarchists... its gonna take place in an art school. Unfortunately they haven't translated any information to English, but normally it's an interesting week. People from the ESF Action network will also be there.

At the same time the official "Politician week"(?????-Molly-perhaps akin to "poisonous snake week") is held in Visby, with all the big names from the establishment, company bosses and politicians... so there is also a lot of possibilities for actions (or just going to their seminars and finding out their next big plans that gonna be launched... this is the lobbyist paradise in Sweden...and also fun for trubblemakers like us).

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