Monday, July 14, 2008

The Common Cause organization, publishers of the Linchpin journal have arranged part of a speaking tour for the Norwegian anarchist Kim Keyser. One of the stops, in Hamilton Ontario, is coming up shortly, this Friday, July 18. See below for details. Molly is also happy to see that the comrades have-finally- acquired a physical address for mailing.

Hamilton (July 18) Prefigurative Organization: Kim Keyser Speaking Tour‏
Common Cause (
Prefigurative Organization: Kim Keyser Speaking Tour
July 18 at 7pm
Sky Dragon Centre
27 King William St. Hamilton, ON.
(4 Blocks North of the Hamilton Centre Go Station)
Kim Keyser is an activist from the nascent anarchist movement in Norway - the so-called "social democratic paradise" in Northern Europe. This summer he'll be touring the US with an illustrated presentation called "The Prefigurative Organization". The presentation will try to answer the question "How can we reflect the future we want, in our present work?". It will touch upon subjects such as direct democracy, direct action, workers councils, anarchist organizing and involvement in social movements.
A complementing pamphlet called "The Prefigurative Organization" -which has been made specifically for the speaking tour - will be available.
After the presentation there will be a possibility to ask the speaker specific questions, followed by plenty of time for discussions in small groups.
For a review of Kim Keyser's talk see:
Common Cause
P.O. Box 347, Station E
772 Dovercourt Rd.
Toronto, ON, Canada,
M6H 4E3

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