Sunday, July 20, 2008

The following is from the Anarkismo website, but it was originally published on the NEFAC website. The term "ICE" in the story below refers to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. A nasty acronym for a nasty group of people.

ICE Raid in RI, the People Respond

Over 150 community members rallied at the ICE office in downtown Providence where many immigrants were held after a raid today. More than 30 janitorial workers were at several State buildings.
The 'La Red(Network-Molly) de Defensa' rapid response network set up by the Olneyville Neighborhood Association, went into affect, calling out hundreds of migrant people, union members, community groups, clergy and progressive individuals from all over the Providence area.
The protesters made human blockades at the exits of the facility, using direct action to delay and resist the transport of the imprisoned immigrant people. We made a strong show of community power and indignation to fascistic immigration policy.
We will continue to stand together to resist the criminalization of migrant people! Stay alert for updates on how to help bring justice for the detainees, and continue to resist the criminalization of immigrant people.

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