Sunday, July 13, 2008

The United Farm Workers of the USA will be holding their annual convention this upcoming August, and they are looking for fund-raising in terms of asking people to subscribe as a "companion" of the convention. See the following notice.

Be a part of history!
Inscribe your name as a "Companero" in the UFW's 18th Constitutional Convention commemorative book:
Go to:
Forty-six years ago Cesar Chavez was joined by a group of farm workers and supporters in Fresno, Calif. for the first constitutional convention of the National Farm Workers Association--and a dream began to take shape.
On August 22 thru August 24, 2008 we will once again come together in Fresno for the United Farm Workers’ 18th Constitutional Convention. Convention delegates elect UFW leaders, debate resolutions and make decisions that will shape the course of the UFW for the next four years. The theme is "Organización es la Solución." We are anticipating this will be one of the most exciting conventions in our history. If you would like to attend our convention please click here for more information.

We will be celebrating victories such as: D’Arrigo, one of the largest vegetable growers in the country who employs 1,800 workers in the Salinas Valley; and our first contract in Oregon with Three Mile Canyon Farms, America’s largest dairy employing more than 350 year-round dairy workers; a contract with Charles Krug Mondavi and an end to the boycott of their wines; and much more.
To memorialize this unique event and to raise to cover the cost of hosting it, we will be publishing a special commemorative book. For your $46 contribution to our union cause, your name will appear in the book within a section dedicated to our companeros(as). We will also send you a copy of this historic book as a keepsake.
Thanks to friends like you we’ve come a long way since Cesar’s first meeting in Fresno more than four decades ago. I hope as we celebrate 46 years of our movement’s history and look forward to the future, we can continue to count on your support.
Como Siempre!
Arturo S. Rodriguez
President United Farm Workers of America
To ensure your name will appear in this historic commemorative book, we need your $46 contribution by Thursday, July 31, 2008. Click here to submit your listing or an ad for the journal go to

If you would like to attend our convention please click here for more information. The latest convention news can be found at
Check out our website at: and keep up with the latest news.

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