Sunday, July 20, 2008

The following is from the One People's Project site, and it is descriptive of a recent event in the city of Calgary.


They knocked him out. Cold. Willis is a bonehead out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada who is down with the Aryan Guard, and antifa did not want him recruiting in their town. And when he thought he can attack a group of young people who wanted to alert people to his activites, they put him to sleep. This has turned into a rather busy week for antifa all over the place, and it doesn't look like it is going to slow down at all. The Calgary chapter Anti-Racist Action held a meeting on how to start taking down the Calgary Aryan Guard meaning they are in it for the long haul. The summer has only just begun to heat up, y'all!

Calgary Anti-Racist Action
On Tuesday July 15th, 2008 in Calgary, the ARA sent a clear message to all neo-nazis and the Aryan Guard of Calgary. We will not tolerate a Nazi Gang in this town! Disappear!
Today, a Neo-Nazi gang member of the Aryan Guard was knocked out after he attacked a multi-racial group of youth, punching and spitting on them.
Members of the Anti-Racist-Action went to the Calgary skate park to hand out posters against racism. They warned youth in the Calgary skate park of a local White supremacist recruiter, Willis. Willis is an active member of the Aryan Guard and attends their protests. He would go to the Calgary Skate Park almost every day to recruit white skateboarding youth. He would also teach children as young as ten to fight, and give underage youth cigarettes to gain favor.
When ARA left the park Willis was seen giving a heil Hitler salute from the balcony of his apartment. He left the balcony and came down to attack the group of ARA members. The result of this attack, was that Willis was left unconscious on the ground.
ARA believes that the skate park belongs to all youth, not just Nazis and their sympathizers. We went to take it back and declare it a Nazi-free zone.
On Wednesday July 16th, the ARA held a panel discussion on the threat of the Aryan Guard organizing in our neighborhoods. The talk was free to everyone, and was held at the Arusha Public Center on 223 12th avenue SW at 7:00 pm. Let's show the Aryan Guard they are not welcome on our streets.


smegg8814 said...

hahahahaha, you antifa pussies are hilarious. You too scared to even show pics of yourself. Your claims are lies and us BONEHEADS88, are the only ones to take any real action. Even though we both know you are too scared to show up at a rally, i hope to see any of yous bitches soon.

smegg8814 said...

p.s.- i kicked the shit out of three of yous last month here in columbia, mo. Noone has said anything about the bocomo boot bastards since. My only regret is that there isnt a single warrior amongst your entire org. So we never get to have a real ruck. It just always ends up with antifa koed, or hospitalized, and another bastard in jail. Plenty of bail money, keeps it fun.

Anonymous said...

Antifa are the real dont have the right to stop free speech.

aftabak said...

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