Friday, July 25, 2008

The Halifax Free Skool Collective will be holding its last series of workshops of the summer season tomorrow, Saturday, July 26. If you're in the Halifax area why not drop by and see what's it's all about. Here's the announcement.
Subject: Last FreeSkool of the summer!
Hey all,
First off, a huge thank-you goes out to everyone who's helped make this possible! Our facilitators have been more than wonderful and have shared some really incredible things with us over the last six months, and our attendance has been amazing and participation has been more than we could have asked for ever. A big thanks to the Friendship Centre and Kitpu Youth, as well as the North Memorial library for letting us use their space, to Home-Grown Organic Foods, Uncommon Grounds, and Java Blend for keeping us fed and caffeinated every other Saturday, and a HUGE HUGE thanks to NSPIRG for helping make this all happen. Last of all, a massive thank-you to all of the co-ordinators and everyone who's helped make this run smoothly in any way possible, and to everyone who's participated in the FreeSkool.
That said, here's the scoop for this weekend! Because there are a lot of concurrent events this Saturday, including some major goings-on for pride week, we do only have a couple of workshops this week to offer, but they're good ones!
12:00 - Independent Radio Journalism Part 2: Script Writing and Audio Editing Software: With audio collected from the previous session, we will learn how to produce a piece for broadcast. The skills learned in this session include script writing and using Audacity (a Free/Open-Source software) http://audacity.sourceforge. net/download/by Neskie and David from CKDU....note: audio from this workshop will be used to produce a piece to be aired on CKDU 88.1FMAND
1:45 - a Home Tattooing discussion, by Keegan Lam
We hope that you've all had a wonderful summer, and thanks again to everyone who's participated!
-- Thanks, -
The Halifax Free Skool Collective

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