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The following appeal is from the IUF, an international union representing workers in services industries in many countries of the world.


Is the sun setting on workers' rights at Sol Melia Indonesia?

The major Spanish-based hotel chain Sol Melia has moved to squash workers' rights in their flagship Indonesian hotel, the Jakarta Gran Melia.

In 2005 the hotel signed a collective agreement with the IUF-affiliated SPM Gran Melia, but management has systematically refused to implement key parts of the agreement they signed. Harsh dismissals, attacks on union rights

When the union sought to secure implementation of the agreement (for example the negotiated health and pension plans), the company responded with discriminatory dismissals targeting union members, officers and activists. Twelve union members, however, have refused to accept their forced dismissal from the company and have chosen to fight for their rights. Management's response has been to bar union representatives from the premises and to withhold from the union dues collected through the checkoff system.

Surveillance of union activities and officers

The company has also installed many CCTV surveillance cameras aimed at the union and its representatives. These measures are clearly designed to intimidate the union and its members - a pattern of repression of basic rights going back to 2005.

How you can help!

Sol Melia is a highly visible global brand in the global tourism market. The Sol Melia Group operates over 300 hotels in 27 countries, mostly in Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean. The flagship brands are Meliá, Sol and Tryp Hotels, followed by Paradisus Resorts, Sol Meliá Vacation Club, and Luxury Hotel.

Tell Sol Melia how you feel about their treatment of workers at the Gran Melia in Jakarta. Tell them to respect the collective agreement their hotel management has signed. Management must allow the union to function freely, reinstate the twelve unfairly dismissed union members and stop harassing the union through surveillance and other measures.

Click here to send a message to Sol Melia's CEO and join our campaign in support of these courageous Indonesian hotel workers. Copies of your messages will be automatically sent to the IUF.
Use the link above or go HERE to send the following letter to the management of Sol Melia.
Señor Director:
Me dirijo a usted para expresarle mi profunda preocupación por los atropellos a los derechos de los trabajadores/as y del sindicato en el Gran Meliá de Yakarta. En el año 2005, el hotel suscribió un convenio con la organización sindical SPM Gran Meliá, pero ese convenio negociado no ha sido respetado. Los miembros y dirigentes sindicales han sido víctimas de despidos discriminatorios y la gerencia ha retenido el Fondo de Asistencia Social y las cuotas sindicales deducidas por el empleador. En lugar de negociar, la gerencia instaló una vigilancia sistemática mediante videos de los miembros y de las actividades del sindicato, en un evidente intento de intimidar al sindicato e impedir que funcione libremente.

Le recomiendo encarecidamente que usted actúe de inmediato para asegurarse que la gerencia del Gran Meliá de Yakarta suspenda todas las medidas represivas y entable negociaciones inmediatas de buena fe con el sindicato, a los efectos de resolver todos los asuntos pendientes. De no hacerlo así, habrá de perjudicar inevitablemente la imagen y reputación del Gran Meliá de Yakarta y de todas las marcas de Sol Meliá.

Dear Sir
I write to express my deep concern over abuses of worker and trade union rights at the Jakarta Gran Melia. In 2005 hotel management signed an agreement with the SPM Gran Melia union, but that negotiated agreement has not been respected. Union members and officers have been the victims of discriminatory dismissals, and management has withheld the Welfare Fund and dues checkoff. Rather than negotiating, management has installed systematic video surveillance of the union's members and activities in a clear effort to intimidate the union and prevent it from functioning freely.

I urge you to act immediately to ensure that Jakarta Gran Melia management ceases all anti-union measures and enters into immediate, good faith negotiations with the union to resolve all outstanding issues. Failure to do so will inevitable damage the image and reputation of the Gran Melia Jakarta and all Sol Melia brands.

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