Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ever want to get the incredible story of your bad boss off your chest ? Here's how to do it, and possibly win a weeks vacation at the same time. The Working Families e-Activist Network has now opened their annual "Bad Boss Contest". Here's the details.

No Bad Boss Is Safe‏
Do You Have the Worst Boss in America?
Share your story with us in our annual My Bad Boss Contest, and you could win a much-deserved vacation—far, far away from your bad boss!

Click here to share your Bad Boss story today.
The numbers are in on bad bosses—and frankly, it's a little scary.
This week, Working America, the AFL-CIO community affiliate, is releasing a new report that reveals 15 million U.S. workers are suffering in silence under a bad boss. After polling workers nationwide, the report not only exposes their bad behavior—it also kicks off our third annual My Bad Boss Contest.
From today until Aug. 19, we're asking working people to expose the truth about their bad bosses. It's not just a chance to vent—you also could win one of two grand prizes if your story is rated the worst bad boss experience in the country.
So what are you waiting for? Click here to tell us your bad boss story right now.
You could win:
First prize: A week's free stay at a condo in your choice of more than 50 countries. You'll also get $1,000 toward airfare and other travel/trip expenses.
Second prize: A week's free stay at a condo in your choice of more than 50 countries and $500 toward airfare or other travel/trip expenses.
You wouldn't believe some of the stories we heard during last year's contest:
--There was the boss who forced an employee to stay in a burning building for 45 minutes to shut down office computers and lights.
--Another boss knowingly hired his employee's stalker, and laughed about it!
--There was even a boss who told an ailing employee, "This is not a good time for the company for you to be having cancer."

It's time bad bosses were held accountable for their bad behavior, so don't wait another minute. Share your worst bad boss moments, and you could win a week long getaway, airfare included, miles away from your boss. Click here to share your story now.
Working Families e-Activist Network, AFL-CIO
P.S. Don't worry—the contest is anonymous.

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