Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is a 'preview" of what I want to say upon reaching the 50,000 visit to this blog. It has been inspired by one "post-anarchist idiot" who has dared to reply to my previous postings on "why anacrhist projects fail". As regular readers of this blog may note I often do translations from either French or Spanish. I am much more comfortable in the former language even though my own prejudices say that Spanish is a much more rational language than either English or , especially. French. Still...I'm a Canadian, and French is my "second language". What I find REALLY disappointing is that NOBODY aside from myself has tried to bring the French and English sides of the Canadian anarchist movement to each others notice. SURELY there is somebody more fluently bilingual than myself, resident in Manitoba, who could do the job much better than I could. I don`t expect the Québecois comrades to do this `for us``. It should be done by an anglophone who is better at it than I am.
All that being said I do far fewer translations on this blog than I should, for the simple reason that it takes me so much time. I tend to give priority to Canadian events, as should be expected.
Very occasionally this blog gets comments from what I consider the "anarcho-nutter" point of view. The latest is a"critic" who thinks that anarchist organization is wrong. All that I can ask him to do is try and make the effort that I do, to translate his horseshit into a different language. If he did he would se just how silly he is. But that is a vain hope. I will continue with my "unsophisticated" anarchism that can hopefully be translated into other languages in the not-so-vague hope that I am actually "saying something".
Molly in her simplicity.;

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