Sunday, September 14, 2008

Being as this is an anarchist blog it should be obvious that Molly is not a supporter of any of the present political parties. It brought a great smile to my face to find out that ex-Prime Minister Joe Clark is of the same opinion (see a future item on this blog). I've always had a soft spot for Joe in my heart. He actually has a self-deprecating sense of humour, and, in the old Tory tradition that is now pretty well dead in this country, actually held to at least a few principles. What a bizarre fantasy...Joe Clark declaring for anarchism. It would be so pleasant if it were possible. If I were able to make a trade I'd give 15,000 goofy black blockers for one Joe Clark. The 15,000 would be replaced in 20 minutes by a much better class of recruits. But this is a fantasy...
The reality is that Molly will certainly hit out at all the political parties during the course of this campaign. but, as in the past, my main venom will be held in my fangs for the so-called Conservative (they intend to conserve nothing) Party. Not that the Liberals, the NDP, The Bloc and the Greens are not also hypocritical. Not that the election of a Harper government will mean concentration camps for gays, feminists, trade unionists and generally anybody left of the neo-cons. It is just that, in a competition for the crookedest of all political parties the federal Conservatives win hands down. Molly has expressed this before in her opinion of P3s as "regularized theft" rather than the "sneaky theft" usually engaged in by other parties.
It is in light of this that I present the following appeal from the Straight Goods family of websites. Yes, i am certain that SG and I disagree about many points, but their call for whistleblowers is a call that could apply to any political situation. It is especially needed now, given the heavy atmosphere of secrecy that the federal Conservatives have surrounded their actions in. But it is a call that should be echoed when Liberals, the PQ, the NDP or even the Greens (an obvious fantasy at the present time) would be in power either federally or provincially.
Here's the appeal.

PublicValues Whistleblowers wanted‏:
As you know, the future of many of Canada's most important public services hinges on the outcome of the federal election. You may be able to play a role.
Do you know of a threat to the well-being of the Canadian public due to cutbacks, privatization, deregulation or the sell-off of public assets? If so, wants to know. If you are or if you know a public servant with a whistle to blow, or if you're just a concerned citizen, please share your story with us. There is no more important time than during a federal election campaign for this this debate to happen.
If you have a Public Values story to share, please contact me - ish at - or phone 613-757-7777. If you know someone who may have one, please forward this message to her or him. Canadians will thank you for this, as will I.
- Ish Theilheimer
Publisher, the Straight Goods family of news websites

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