Saturday, September 13, 2008

The third annual Victoria Anarchist Bookfair, the culmination of a weeklong Festival of Anarchy is up and running at the Victoria Cool Aid Society (755 Pandora St). Lots to see. Lots to hear. Lots to read. For more details go to their website at . Meanwhile here is their last call.
Canada, Welcome to the 2008 Victoria Anarchist Bookfair! - last call:

Browse these pages for the complete Bookfair program. The zine version will be available at select outlets (hint: check the map) soon.
---- Don't forget to pick up the September Anarchy issue of Streetnewz. Support your local vendors!Announcing: Roving Pirate Radio at the Bookfair!
---- TAR 99.1FM, Pirate Radio hits Victoria during the Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday, Sept 13, from 12pm onwards. Tune in your radios throughout Victoria to catch this autonomous, mobile pirate broadcast. Expect live interviews, commentary, and music in true anarchist style!
---- Finally, we would like to send our thanks out to Freedonia, whose financial support is going a long way towards sustaining this year's bookfair.
Welcome to the 2008 Festival of Anarchy!
The week is jam packed with activities happening all around town. We have joined forces with many new and returning allies to bring a variety of events to see, places to go, and things to do in a celebration of anarchy.
To "plug in" to this year's Festival, get a copy of the September Anarchy issue of Streetnewz, and watch for our program zines to appear at select outlets (click on the "map" and think of it as a treasure hunt). Don't forget to sign up to our listserv (look under "contact") to obtain announcements of impromptu events not listed anywhere else!
Finally, we would like to send our thanks out to Freedonia, whose financial support is helping us make this week happen.
What: The third annual Anarchist Bookfair Where:the Victoria Cool Aid Society (755 Pandora St.) When: Sept. 13 - 14
Looking for a little controversial fun? The third annual Anarchist Bookfair opens this Saturday, and promises a jam-packed slate of entertainment.
Workshops begin at 11:30 a.m. and run until 5:30 p.m., with discussion topics ranging from “Founding and Maintaining Co-ops” to “Anarchy is for Lovers: Applying anarchist principles to interpersonal relationships.”
The happenings continue on Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. Among topics up for discussion are “Fermenting Revolution With Pickles” and “Indigenous Resistance: The anti-Olympics struggle.
”Two members of the Victoria anarchist collective have strong connections to UVic. Allan Antliff holds a Canada Research Chair in art history at the university, and in 2006 founded an anarchist archive that resides in special collections at the McPherson Library.
“[The bookfair] addresses contemporary concerns, such as ecology, gender, arts and political theory,” said Allan.
UVic student Jessica Ziakin is a member of the anarchist collective and the official spokesperson of the bookfair.
Ziakin described what she felt to be a lack of radical intellectual community at UVic, and stressed that the bookfair and collective are an opportunity to foster such relationships.
The event is also an opportunity to meet producers of radical culture from all over North America. Independent publishers, writers and artists will bring their wares from as far away as San Fransisco and Halifax.
Much of the work these vendors have to offer represents the leading edge of anarchist thought, and aside from those titles that are carried in the Camas bookstore (at the corner of Quadra Street and Kings Road), are unavailable to even the curious or devoted anarchist.
But the Victoria Anarchist Bookfair is a free event both for vendors and patrons.
“The bookfair gives people an opportunity to see the positive aspects of the philosophy,” said Allan. “It runs on volunteers and co-operation.
Ziakin added that many think of anarchy as gloomy at best.
“It’s not chaos, it’s actually about social justice, mutual aid, community, self-governance and ecological sustainability,” she said.
Volunteers are appreciated throughout the event and will be accepted spontaneously at the organizing table. Help is needed particularly for the clean-up after the bookfair.
If hunting for literary treasure isn’t your thing, special gatherings are planned for after the bookfair on Saturday and Sunday nights. On Saturday, participants have the opportunity to eat at the Camas Books Anniversary Dinner at the Blanshard Community Centre, then attend the Camas Bookstore for their first Birthday Bash. The fun is at the Folk Music Night at the Solstice Cafe from 6 to 11 p.m on Sunday night.
The bookfair represents the culmination of the week-long Festival of Anarchy involving art installations, poetry readings, lectures and workshops. On Friday, Sept. 12 the festival hosts a Do-It-Yourself fair that features workshops on using the Linux operating system, stencilling, beatboxing and more. That fair starts at 11 a.m. at the Victoria Events Centre. By 6:30 p.m. the fair will stop, and a punk show will begin.
For more detailed information about the bookfair, visit their website at

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