Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As we speak the US Congress is still debated the financial institution bailout proposed by the Bush Administration. Even in the hallowed halls of power the details of this proposal are being criticized for being a "golden handshake" for the executives and managers of the corporations that created the mess in the first place. They are also being criticized as doing nothing for the average American- socialism for the rich. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has a petition to Congress asking that some very basic principles be enshrined in this legislation before it is passed. If you are an American reader of this blog consider the following and follow the links to sign the petition.
When you mess up on the job, you get a pink slip.
When you're a corporate CEO running a multi-billion dollar enterprise into the ground, you get a golden parachute.
This week, the Bush Administration is seeking legislation that would grant the very people who got us into this mess a blank check to get us out.
No deal.
Sign the petition telling your representatives to vote NO on any blank check bailout for the Bush Administration.
Any bailout legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by the President should include some very basic principles:
1)Let homeowners save their homes with court-supervised mortgage restructuring.
2)Meaningful, independent oversight. We've learned what happens in Iraq when we give this President a blank check.
3)Cut golden parachutes of CEOs. Taxpayers cannot be forced to foot the bill for poor decisions and unnecessary risks.
4)An influential stake for taxpayers. A portion of any profits made by bailed-out banks should be returned to the American people.
Sign the petition right now telling your representatives to vote NO on any blank check for the Bush Administration.
After tanking our economy and leaving taxpayers to foot the bill, the least that Wall Street's corporate executives can do is finance their next round of golf—on their own dime.
Sign the petition.

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