Sunday, July 11, 2010


What can I report besides the obvious ? Molly's 'Links' Section continues to grow day by day. Right now I'm on the last of the syndicalist unions that deserves a separate section, the SAC of Sweden. This will be the last major addition (I hope), and the rest will be tidying up and additions in the listings of other organizations. I dearly hope to be proved wrong on this. I await another country coming into a "multiple contact" situation. I have hardly finished the listings for the SAC. As the second largest anarchosyndicalist organization in the world (after the Spanish CGT) I guess that I should expect unexpected layers of complexity. It doesn't help that Swedish is a totally foreign language to me. Bear with me in the next couple of weeks as I add to the SAC listings. Once more the listings on our Links section are designed to be as comprehensive as possible. No doubt there will be call in the future to subdivide various headings. Also no doubt some of the listings are out of date despite my best efforts in deleting dead links.

As to the "content" of this blog, well that is my personal responsibility. It will always vary in terms of subject matter (and even stray from politics entirely- it is a blog after all) , but it will hold to one overwhelming principle. This blog is an anarchist blog for non-anarchists. You'll find no academic gobbledegook here,no "discourses", "dialectics", "intersectionalities" nor any other pseudointellectual words that dress up the speaker's ignorance. You may find rather uncommon words. They will be used properly according to their sense, unlike in leftist "theory". Use a dictionary. The basic ideas of anarchism are just that...basic, and after almost 40 years reading leftist essays I have come to the unshakable conclusion that pretty well all of what passes for "theory" is a waste of breath, especially when it is dolled up in the academic fashion of the day. This is especially true in the age of the internet. After dropping in on enough internet forums I have come to realize that there is an infinity of ways to make erudite, intelligent, well crafted defences of what is utter nonsense. Not that there isn't room for debate about the perennial "what is to be done", but I'm convinced this should be framed in English rather than in "leftish".

OK enough bitching. On with the show.

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