Saturday, July 17, 2010


As part of the nationwide actions demanding a public inquiry into police actions at the recent G20 police riot and demanding the release of all political prisoners jailed over these events there will be a demonstration here in Winnipeg at 4:00 pm. Here's the info from Facebook. Hard to say how this will go considering the weather. Thunderstorm as we speak.

G20 Solidarity:
Free All Political Prisoners. Drop All Charges. Effective Public Inquiry.
Winnipeg, MB - On Saturday, July 17 at 4pm, citizens concerned about the treatment of demonstrators during the G20 discussions in Toronto, ON in June 2010 will be meeting for a rally and march at the Chinese Cultural Centre Park at the corner of James Ave and King St.

Members of The Canadian Federation of Students, Winnipeg Copwatch, FemRev Collective, CUPE Local 3909, Council of Canadians, Winnipeg New Socialists and Anarchist Black Cross will be rallying in solidarity with the unknown number of people still in custody for exercising their democratic right to protest and with the 1090 demonstrators and members of the public arrested in Toronto during the G20. There will be a march to the Public Safety Building and to Old Market Square for a performance of spontaneous political theatre. This action is occurring to denounce the multitude of Charter Rights violations at the hands of law enforcement, via the Ontario and Canadian governments, including, but not limited to, illegal search and seizure, indiscriminate arrests, beatings, and extended, inhumane and arbitrary detentions, of not only demonstrators, but of journalists, minors, medics, legal observers and passers-by.

“We are demanding that all political prisoners be released and that all charges against demonstrators be dropped. We ask that an effective, binding inquiry with the power to bring charges against law enforcement agents and government officials responsible be initiated immediately,” says Sarah K. an organizer with FemRev Collective and with the G20 Solidarity Coalition.

For further information about the G20 Solidarity Rally please contact 204.509.4724.

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