Sunday, July 18, 2010


Molly received the following event notice from the Movimiento Libertario Cubano a few days ago. As I write this the screening of 'Vivir la Utopia' (Living Utopia) is going on in of all places Havana Cuba. This movie which can be downloaded from either Anticopyright or Anarchopedia (both in Spanish with English subtitles) is a documentary on the Spanish Revolution filmed from an anarchist perspective. I had a look. Quite an interesting movie actually.

Too much shouldn't be made of this. On the surface it might seem that the Cuban dictatorship is losing control of its people even more than it might seem from news reports (concessions to dissidents, etc.). An anarchist film screening in the heart of Havana ! As with many such things, however, what is too good to be true is just that. The sponsoring academic groups, La Càtedra Haydée Santamaría and the Asociación Hermanos Saíz are not anarchist. Whatever they say about "self-management" they appear to be groups of academics who have been given a relatively long leash to "explore" by the Dictatorship. Looks like they are pushing the envelope a bit with this one. With that in mind here's the MLC's announcement.
Cuban Libertarian Movement
This Sunday the Libertarian Workshop "Alfredo Lopez of the Chair Haydee Santamaria invites you to:
"Living utopia: 74 years after the beginning of social revolution in Spain "
In July 1936, 74 years ago, the so called " Spanish Civil War" , started, "a term by which some have tried to erase the memory of a deep popular and proletarian social revolution carried out by urban and rural workers' collectives , women's organizations , etc. , inspired by the libertarian principles of horizontal organization and direct action , deeply rooted in the popular work of anarcho-syndicalism and the dense network of legendary " affinity groups "of anarchists , which crystallized in the alliance of the Iberian Anarchist Federation and the National Confederation of Labour Central ( FAI- CNT) in the 60 years prior to 1936.
The documentary "Living Utopia "(1997) collects through the memory of thirty protagonists the massive social reconstruction efforts meant by the organization in agricultural collectives of around 7 million peasants , about 3,000 self-managed factories and enterprises in a network and , the organization of almost 150 000 anarchist militants fighting a war against the army of Franco.
We look forward to your positive energy .
DATE: 18/07/2010 / TIME : 2:00 PM / LOCATION: # 69 # 12 806 E/128 And MARIANAO 128B (from the corner of the Plaza de Marianao , 5 blocks inside and 2 to the right) .

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Larry Gambone said...

On the other hand I wouldn't underestimate its importance either. No one in Cuba wants to endure what happened in the USSR when so-called free market reforms were introduced. Some want the China option, but others rightly fear that and prefer some sort of worker management or coop approach, See :