Thursday, July 29, 2010


Molly has just become aware of a new Industrial Workers Of The World (IWW) in Halifax Nova Scotia, and she has duly added their links under the IWW Canada section in this blog. Personally I think that this is quite important for many reasons.

First of all it is the only time in at least my memory (stretching back to the early 70s) that there has been an IWW group in Atlantic Canada. I stand to be duly corrected on this matter as my memory is not infallible. What this shows is the gradual spread of a rational anarchism in my own country whereby people want to work on a project that at least has a semblance of practicality rather than eternally "protesting". Yes, anarchism is spreading geographically, but it is also gradually improving itself qualitatively. There is a reason why so much of Molly's Links section is taken up by listings for anarchosyndicalist organizations. Anarchism has to enter the practical world of the everyday struggles of ordinary people. No doubt this may be hard to do at times. The "alternative", however, is definitely no alternative ie the idea that you can build an effective movement for social change by appealing to the emotions of various social groups under the cover of a tsunami of "isms". It hasn't worked and it cannot work.

Anarchosyndicalism is still, just as it was over 100 years ago, the major practical forum where anarchists can act in a way that is not "sect building". I emphasize that the "sects" are not simply organizations. At least in North America the sects more closely resemble an acepaphalic religious cult with the leadership disguising itself under multiple layers of bullshit.

What anarchosyndicalism presents is the stark question ie "how to you get people to come together despite their differences". It is a practice of unity as opposed to the practice of disunity that so much of the left is today as people struggle as to what "ism" demands the greatest deference in the cultish social circles. And God Damn those who rationally !!! don't want to enter into such a sick world.

So that's my limited opinion. Signing up for a syndicalist union may not seem like much, but it refers to a whole change of perspective. From "showing off" to actually working towards the goals. It has been many years since I was a member of the IWW, but I still retain a great amount of sympathy for them, and I think that any growth they may experience is a positive. Hence my welcome to the Halifax group.
Here's a couple of references to the Halifax IWW that I have recently added to the Links section.


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