Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Molly has a confession to make. I was a murderous little kid. Of course a lot of my detractors knew this all along. Back where I grew up in rural Saskatchewan it was considered something of a patriotic duty to wage perpetual and unrelenting war against the gophers and crows. I did my part, though I have to admit that other kids outdid me in sadistic ways to dispose of the cs and gs. What I specialized in was the eternal war against the insects. Well the crawling ones anyways. Most of the flying ones were exempt. I actually liked them.

One of the residues of my childhood is what may be an unreasonable attachment to spiders. To this day, even as I enter into the first stage of my dotage, I get upset when I see someone kill a spider, and I do my best to plead for their lives. If I find a spider in an less than advantageous place I carry him or her to a place where it is likely to find prey. We were always on the same side after all.

This is a meandering way of explaining why I don't set up this blog so that commentators have to sign in via a code to post here. My "liberalism" here means that Molly's Blog gets more than its fair share of spam comments. Well....I love them. Every once in awhile I sweep through the old posts and amuse myself by killing these bugs ie deleting them. The fools usually make my task quite easy by "building nests" ie they will post dozens of comments on one blog post. To an unreformed insect killer this is like stumbling on the pot of gold. Kill, kill, kill with minimal effort.

Thank you spammers. You help me relive the "innocence" of childhood.


Francois Tremblay said...

That's great, but why are you still pretending to be an Anarchist, and why do you keep showing up on my blog links?

mollymew said...

That's also very nice, and all that I can add it the question of what is your definition of anarchism...this week. You know, the one only you are privy to and that everyone else has to be abused for for not agreeing totally with until you change it. Also, are you still pretending to be a mammal ?
I'm holding myself in check here as my personality defect of not suffering fools gladly obviously feeds into your personality defect of being nothing but an internet demon looking for an insult match without having to risk physical harm. NO I'M NOT PLAYING YOUR CHILDISH GAME. Go torment somebody else. This is NOT politics. This is your inability to mature beyond the level of 13 years AT BEST.
As to why occasionally somebody links to you from the 100s !!!! of links here at Molly's Blog it is merely because I haven't put a "public health warning" on your link. I CERTAINLY DON'T as I have no interest whatsoever in the tiny pathetic nacissistic state of mind that you think is "politics" and your illusionary internet "victories". In other words you are like the insects described in my post above. Seems that you visit here much more often than I do . But it is, of course, very easy to get beyond ZERO which is the exact number of times, whatever your paranoia, I look to see who you are tormenting on a week to week basis. Who knows who is silly enough to go from a site like Molly's Blog to your viscious ramblings. I feel sorry for them.
If you want child I would be very, very, very, very happy to delete your pathetic listing from the Blogs section of Molly's Links. It would hardly be a loss. say the word, and it is so.
Meanwhile I do not intend to engage in "political argument" with somebody I consider close to psychotic. Your whole schtick is only minimally "political". You have nothing worthwhile to say. As I said a long time ago I wish you on my enemies. Go play act elsewhere.
My apologies to my regular readers for this exposure of my own personality defect. Perhaps it is all to the better that there be people like me who react to thugs, even internet thugs. If you don't have people like me you allow the predators to run roughshod over everyone. The guy who posts above is a classic "internet thug" whose raison d'etre is to cause torment to whomever he comes in contact with. I've met others like him over the 40 some years that I've been an anarchist, and what there actions have proved to me, beyond the shadow of a doubt is the need for "punishment" of some sort, even if it is so mild as complete exile. There is NO "psychoboo" that can correct these bastards.

Larry Gambone said...

The Inuit have a novel way of dealing with psychos. they take them on a hunting trip and they mysteriously fall in and slip under the ice...

mollymew said...

Problems With Your Suggestion:
1)I cannot recall ANY fish that I detested enough to wish an "internet warrior" on. I suggesting to Tremblay a couple of years ago that he go bug people I really detest. The idea of "t" "sleeping with the fishies" may be a fish's ultimate nightmare.
2)Slip any psychotic internet warrior uner the ice and you have a cleanup job that makes the Gulf Oil Spill look like wiping up cat pee.
3)Most importantly "fat floats". Any attempt to dispose of an overweight internet warrior would fail because of that simple fact.
4)It's redundant. The last time I checked in on T he was promoting some bizarre fantasy group dedicated to the "abolition of the human race", along with bugging his right wing friends by calling himself a "socialist". No doubt he has changed his opinions at least 50 tikes since then but insisting that anyone who disagrees with him is nothing but a moron (until the chameleon adopts the very viws that he denigrated peopole for last month).
In response to his idiotic opinions of two years ago I'm sure that a group called 'Human Beings For The Abolition of Francois Tremblay' has already formed. Hence the redundancy.

Yeah there are indeed some assholes who stick out, and FT would be an article in a medical journal about the most extreme anal prolapse ever described. There's an article for The Lancet, JAMA or the NEJM. He leaves an enduring memory.

croghan27 said...

Once I discovered that spiders eat mosquitoes, I became a great fan. :)

mollymew said...

Yes, spiders defintely wear white hats in this movie.