Sunday, July 25, 2010


Next Wednesday, down at the Rudolf Rocker Cultural Centre. Here's the blurb.:

Watching the Cops Workshop

Location 3rd floor 91 Albert St.


Created By Winnipeg Copwatch - est. 2006


More Info Winnipeg Copwatch is hosting a free workshop on how to safely and effectively witness police interactions. It will include sections on camera and recording skills, de-escalation techniques, knowing your rights, and more. Whether you’re interested in witnessing on your own to prevent police misconduct, starting a copwatching group with friends, participating in Winnipeg Copwatch patrols, or just learning more skills, this workshop is for you.

Come to the Rudolf Rocker Cultural Centre, on the 3rd floor of 91 Albert Street, Wednesday 28 July 2010 from 7:00-9:00pm. The workshop is free, and volunteers will be there to provide childcare.


Anonymous said...

Did you attend? About 12-15 people attended this meeting...
Not a very mature nor responsible experience...Strange I have met some cop-watch in the past- and none of them were in attendance. Advised to 'Leave the Law out of it'....?

mollymew said...

No I wasn't there. I'm usually still working in the early evening.