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I always know when Julie Couillard has launched another effort in her continued campaign to make money by imitating Paris Hilton ie "being famous for being famous". Molly had more than a little bit of fun at the expense of the voyeuristic section of the population at the beginning of the "great tit scandal" and the latter revelations about Couillard's past. Who knows how many hundreds of people have dropped by this site in their search for "Julie Couillard tits" and "Julie Couillard pics". Every time Couillard scores a point in her financial campaign back here they come . Do a search on this blog to find the essense of the joke. It's connected to the photo above, a picture of the "blue tit", something that Julie would have had if she had worn her famous dress during our six months of Canadian winter.

The problem is that, despite how much I may try to construct weird humour, I can never equal the weirdness and humour of the reality in situations such as these. It's beyond me. This thing is its own parody. I do, however, take a sick pleasure in giving the voyeurs a little bit of annoyance. Tracing back the hits connected to this image I find that the vast majority come from various government offices during so-called "work hours". Not that I have any great objections to this. Personally I think it's great. I'd much rather have the average civil serpent searching the internet for a cheap thrill than actually working and doing harm. this, I guess, may be Molly's most significant contribution to "harm reduction" in our society.

Another thing that I notice is that Couillard is definitely playing this for all it is worth, and making at least a moderate success out of it. She'll keep pumping the pump until it is utterly dry, and so far she's made a good effort out of it. Take, for instance, "name recognition". I suspect that the majority of Canadians are just like me. The name Couillard evokes immediate recognition. I had to look up the name of her disgraced ex-boyfriend, the late cabinet minister Maxime Bernier. It drew a blank. I'm sure that Bernier, like all conservative guardians of "morality", has a fine future ahead of him in sleazy real estate deals and shady government contracts, but he just doesn't have the pizzazz of Couillard. I'm also sure that everything that each one of this pair says is bad about the other is absolutely true- and deserves elaboration for that matter.

Another thing that I've noticed is that two of the images that I have used in previous Couillard articles get excessive hits from google image searches whenever Julie is in the news. I really don't know how images labelled "biker chick" and "domiatrix" automatically bring people to articles about Couillard, but it's a fact that they do. Weird. As to Julie's "disreputable past", my own take on it, should I ever meet her, would be something like, "what's a nice biker chick like you doing getting involved with those criminal conservatives". What is the difference between "Steven's Angels" and the "Hell's Angels" ? Answer-success ! It is a never ending source of wonder to me how much so-called 'conservatives" in our society concentrate on "sins of the crotch" while ignoring and even praising "sins of the wallet". I am no fan of "the left", and the first word that comes to my mind when that term is used is "liar". But the right evokes a different conditioned reflex. For them the word "crook" comes as a first response.

But anyways, I just had to go and see what Julie's latest effort at publicity gathering was, and the result was bizarre beyond my expectations. Here's the story from the Globe and Mail.
Julie Couillard dress fetches $1,000:
Canadian Press
April 29, 2009 at 1:03 PM EDT
MONTREAL — The now infamous low-cut dress worn by Julie Couillard when she appeared at a Rideau Hall swearing-in ceremony in 2007 with her ex-boyfriend Maxime Bernier almost didn't garner any serious bids at a Montreal charity auction for epilepsy research on Tuesday night.
Ms. Couillard, a photogenic brunette, was prominently displayed on the front pages of numerous newspapers wearing the revealing frock, which ended up fetching $1,000. The paisley, flouncy dress with a plunging neckline was bought by a Montreal gynecologist whose husband is heavily involved in epilepsy research.

But the amount fell far below the $5,000 Ms. Couillard had hoped the dress would get — if for no other reason than the controversy her wearing it had created, particularly after her relationship with ex-cabinet minister Mr. Bernier ended. “I would have hoped to at least collect $5,000, but hey, at the end of the day it's a thousand and I'm so happy that it was a woman that bought it,” said Ms. Couillard, who was in charge of the charity event that raised more than $31,000.

“What happened with this dress is just the living proof that sexism is still out there and very healthy and it's only politically correct to just say that we have equality among the sexes — but we don't.”

Couillard was wearing the dress when first photographed with former Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier who later resigned when it was revealed he had left sensitive documents at her house. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz)

“It's still a man's world,” she added.

Mr. Bernier resigned his cabinet post as foreign affairs minister after it was revealed that he had left sensitive government documents at Ms. Couillard's Montreal-area home. The war-of-words between the two led to a public airing of Ms. Couillard's biker-filled past.

Ms. Couillard herself was plagued by epilepsy through out her childhood but hasn't had seizures since she was 18 thanks to medication, but she said that research funding was lacking in the field.

The much-ballyhooed dress was purchased Tuesday night by Dr. Lucie Morin, a Montreal doctor whose husband, Dr. Lionel Carmant, is a neurologist involved in epilepsy research and head of the foundation the auction was for.

“I bought it for the cause,” said Ms. Morin, who added she was disappointed that the dress wasn't living up to the hype and the bids at the end of the night were uninspired. “(Epileptic research) is a very important cause because it doesn't get a lot of attention.”

Ms. Morin said she had no real interest in the dress and had no plans to do anything special with it.

“It's not the kind of dress I'd wear myself, but I'll see if my daughter likes it,” Ms. Morin said.

Ms. Couillard said the auctioning of the dress closes a chapter in her life, but she never imagined the dress, plucked quickly from a rack at a BCBG store in downtown Montreal, would create the stir that it did. “It makes me laugh,” she said.

“I find it funny that in the end something they tried to destroy me with, I was capable of turning it around and use it for something as positive as helping sick children.”

Ms. Couillard said her future will include working the conference circuit, with the theme of her talks being perception. “I can talk quite a bit about that with the year I've just had,” a confident Ms. Couillard said with a broad smile. “Basically to tell people never let the perception people have of you define who you are and understand very clearly how you perceive yourself limits you in life.”

Ms. Couillard has written a book about her life and describes Mr. Bernier as an inveterate skirt-chaser who was more interested in his clothes than his ministerial dossiers.

Mr. Bernier, elected in 2006, had been considered a star in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government and a star among the Tories' Quebec base until the so-called Bernier-Couillard affair.

He was easily re-elected in 2008
There it is in all its living glory. I wish Julie well in her campaign to avoid ever getting a real job. She would, however, have been better advised to take up politics to begin with. I thought such incredible bad taste was the domain of the USA and Japan, but I guess it's as Canadian as frostbite as well. I hope that Julie's little foray into pop-feminism above isn't what the article makes it appear to be ie that "sexism is alive" because the dress fetched only a miserly $1,000, but who knows when you are dealing to people like this. Probably not; probably just a complaint about the media attention paid to her appearance. I hope !! Speaking of "perception" Molly is going to hazard a bet here. Should Julie actually go on the lecture circuit I will bet that only 1% of the people who come out will be there because they are breathlessly awaiting her incredibly profound, philosophical and deep thoughts on the matter.
Too weird.
Too Weird.

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Larry Gambone said...

Hilarious! I almost gave up fiction myself because reality is more bizarre than any story a writer could construct. As for Hells Angels - and the Mafia they are street corner delinquents long side the real criminals - namely our beloved ruling classes.