Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The following news story is from the Spanish anarchosyndicalist union the CNT. It's about the unjust firing of one of their delegates at Ryanair in Saragosa. The following is an English translation published today at the Anarkismo website.

CNT Ryanair Branch delegate fired:
Last Friday, 27 March, the delegate of the CNT union section in Ryanair received a letter of dismissal from the company, for reasons of unsuitability, claiming a drop in the worker's performance. This is clearly false, the reality instead being that this dismissal is designed to discourage those who are demanding their rights and exercising them.

Given this fact, the CNT announces that the comrade, and by extension the SOV of Zaragoza, is not in any way accepting this dismissal or any compensation. This has occurred as the culmination of a series of acts of repression and coercion that the company has used against the Section since its creation, and we will not stay idle.
We want to work with dignity; we don't want money in exchange for dismissal and sealed lips.
For union freedoms!
Ryanair, give the fired worker his job back!
No more trade union repression!
In the near future we will be announcing the measures to be taken as a result of the new conditions of the conflict.
Sección Sindical en Ryanair de la CNT-
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