Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Le numéro 24 de Cause commune, le journal de Québec de l'Union Communiste Libertaire est maintenant disponible sur le Web. Pour télécharger une version pdf allez à la site de La Commune en Montréal. Celui-ci est de La Commune.
Cause Commune no 24:
Le numéro 24 de Cause commune, le journal de l'Union communiste libertaire (UCL), est maintenant disponible sur le web. 5000 exemplaires papier de ce journal sont distribués gratuitement par des militantes et des militants libertaires, membres ou non de l’organisation. Cause commune se veut un tremplin pour les idées anarchistes, en appui aux mouvements de résistance contre les patrons, les proprios et leurs alliés au gouvernement. Vous pouvez soumettre un texte ou nous faire part de vos commentaires en écrivant à . Si le journal vous plaît et que vous voulez aider à le diffuser dans votre milieu, contactez le collectif de l’UCL le plus près de chez-vous.

Issue number 24 of Cause Commune, the journal of Québec's Union Communiste Libertaire, is now available on the web. To download a pdf versiongo to the La Commune site in Montréal. this is from la Commune.
Cause commune no 24:
Issue 24 of Common Cause, the newspaper of the Libertarian Communist Union (UCL), is now available on the web. 5000 copies of this newspaper are distributed free by militant activists and libertarians, both inside and outside of the organization. Common Cause is a springboard for anarchist ideas in support of resistance movements against the bosses, the owners and their allies in government. You can submit a text or send us your comments by writing to . If you like the newspaper and want to help distribute in your community, contact the UCL group nearest you.

Summary of Issue 24

*Caisse de dépôt et placement du Quebec - We contribute you invest, they pocket it!

*Opinion: A libertarian communist perspective on Anticapitalism

*Theatre: The responsibility(or charge) of the épormyable moose (***)
* NATO Summit in Strasbourg: all-out crackdown

*Montreal: Flics assassins! (killer cops-Molly)

*Demonstration against police brutality in Montreal: Reportback on March 15 2009

*Montreal: General Strike (s) at UQAM

*Saguenay: Lock-out at Le Réveil newspaper.

* May 1 meeting of the UCL
For the life of me I couldn't translate the title of this article. "Charge" may mean "responsibility", "load" or a legal " charge. The play itself concerns an interrogation of a psychiatric patient by psychologists, so perhaps any of these could apply, with legal "charge" the most likely. Trying to search for an English translation of "épormyable" was totally fruitless. While searching around I found out that nobody else seemed to have any idea either, not just my Larousse, but every online translation service and internet discussion boards on the play. The general concensus was that it is a made-up word. No doubt the author wished to mystify with the title. I'll definitely have to read the review in Cause Commune to see what the reviewer's opinion is.

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Larry Gambone said...

It sounds a lot like a corrupt pronunciation of the word "impermeable", which means both waterproof and raincoat.
"Orignal" is of course a moose. "Charge" can also mean the same as charge in English, so we would have "The charge of a waterproof moose", which would be a surrealist title worthy of Benjamin Peret.