Friday, April 10, 2009

The following appeal for solidarity with workers at AT&T is from the Jobs With Justice Coalition.
It's happening again. Another big corporation, AT&T, is looking out for its executives and big investors at the expense of workers.
In contract negotiations with the Communications Workers of America, the company keeps pushing for cuts in quality jobs, health care benefits, and standard of living increases.
AT&T claims that these cuts are necessary because of the poor economy. They've even had the nerve to compare telecom to the auto industry, even though telecom continues to expand and remain profitable. Just last year, AT&T made $12.9 billion in profits -- almost a billion more than the previous year.
Jobs with Justice is helping to collect 10,000 signatures on a petition of support in the next week to show AT&T that the country is united behind the workers.
Sign this petition:
AT&T can and should be a leader in supporting quality middle class jobs and benefits that make communities and our economy stronger. AT&T?s demands at this critical time in our country would only weaken the economy.
CWA has shown the company how to save money without massive cost-shifting; yet their only objective is to make workers pay more. Clearly, AT&T is looking for scapegoats, not solutions.
Tell AT&T to do the right thing -- sign this petition urging the company stop cutting jobs and benefits: Sign this petition:
We encourage you to take action by May 8, 2009 Tell AT&T to do what's right.
Please go to the link highlighted above to sign the following petition to AT&T.
Especially in these tough economic times, profitable companies like AT&T should lead the way in providing good, middle class jobs -- not look to cut benefits and lower middle class standards of living. AT&T, we ask you to:
* Take the lead in helping to turn our economy around instead of copying the worst Wall Street behavior.
* Support the employees who make AT&T a success, and who help build today's high tech infrastructure.
* Work with CWA for real health care reform. Americans want an economy that works for all of us.

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