Friday, April 03, 2009

Things have been hopping this past month up Cowtown way (stampede,stampede). First Georgie Bush's attempt to pad his wallet by a speaking engagement (did this sort of nonsense ever happen before Clinton-Molly), drew an enthusiastic crew of fools willing to shell out an astronomical price to see him stumble through a speech and an equally enthusiastic crew of protesters who thought that he was the war criminal that he is, perish the thought. Then, perhaps emboldened by the visit of what must be one of their heroes, neo-nazis attempted to hold a rally in downtown Calgary a few days after. The inevitable punch-up occurred as the nazis (the Aryan Guard) were confronted by anti-racist protesters who outnumbered them 10 to 1.
Well, as per usual, there were the usual slates of arrests. The following from the Calgary Anarchist Black Cross calls for your solidarity with two of the arrestees.
Calgary ABC is announcing two new support campaigns.
Splitting The Sky
On March 17 Splitting The Sky (also known as John Boncore) was arrested in Calgary for attempting to serve former U.S. President George W. Bush with a warrant for war crimes. He was charged with "obstructing a peace officer" and has been released on a $500 surety. Splitting The Sky intends to fight the charges.

ABC Calgary is committed to helping splitting the sky through acts of solidarity and financial assistance.
More information on splitting the sky can be found on his blog and wikipedia page.
Mikhail Miller
Mikhail Miller is an anti-racism activist who participated in the March 21 Anti-Racist Action demonstration against the Aryan Guard in Calgary. Although Mikhail has not been charged with any crime, he has been issued with $887 in bylaw tickets and fines. It is common practice in Calgary for the police to 'ticket to death' activists they wish to harass. Mikhail is committed to fighting the ticket charges.

ABC Calgary will be assisting Mikhail financially for his lawyer fees to fight his bylaw charges.
For further details on these campaigns or ABC Calgary please contact ABC Calgary at


Anonymous said...

You'll want to fix the html for your link to Calgary Anarchist Black Cross - the word Calgary is misspelled in the href which of course leads to a 404 ;)

mollymew said...

Consider it fixed. I make more than my share of typos.