Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am long delayed in announcing the following, but "I didn't win" in the contest over at the Canadian Blog Awards for "best political blog". I came last of the five finalists. The winner was the Liberal blog Calgary Grit. The runner up was the Conservative Small Dead Animals. Others in third and fourth place were the non-partisan Bond Papers and Nunc Scio. Molly was actually amazed that she was nominated at all, let alone making it to the second round of voting, and she'd like to thank all who voted for her now. It is not surprising that a Liberal blog came in number one, and it is only slightly less surprising that a Conservative blog came in number 2 (though Molly wonders about whether many Conservative supporters have evolved enough to have opposable thumbs to type with). I'm sad that a non-partisan blog didn't win. yet it is totally amazing that an anarchist blog was in the running. Well, thank you once more.
I'm continuing my editing, though it may not be apparent on the surface. See later for more details.
Finally, don't forget to check out the latest at Molly's Polls...'Steven Harper Is...'. It's more or less for fun, but it has a biting point as well.


Larry Gambone said...

Your presence in the Canadian blogosphere shows readers that anarchists cannot be dismissed with the usual cliches.It doesn't surprise me that a liberal blog would get #1. In spite of all their problems as a party they still have the support of a large sector of the populace. What does surprise me is SDA getting #2. Noted for its bigotry, racism and all round-hatefulness, it can't but represent a small percent of the literate. But maybe the far-right was organized to promote their favorite blog.

mollymew said...

Like i said, evolution seems to have a long way to go up here in the frozen north.