Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The folks down at Z Communications will soon be opening registration for their online course at what they call the ZSchool. Here's the announcement.
ZSchool Sign Up Time!‏:
February 1 we will open ZSchool for registration for the Spring semester of courses - which will begin March 1.

ZSchool is a major undertaking in which we will try to provide, semester by semester, a growing online learning experience. We hope you will take a look at the ZSchool venue and consider the possibility of taking a course, both to help the project and for your own learning.

The March offerings are listed with descriptions in the ZSchool venue - and by title immediately below.

Each course will run for ten weeks. Each course will cost $100 unless you are a Z Sustainer (which you can do for as little as $12 a year) in which case each course will be only $50.

It is, in other words, a very good time to sign up if you haven't already! Here are the Spring Courses:

Michael Albert: Paths to Parecon
Chris Spannos: Participatory Society 1
Cynthia Peters: Family, Children, and Sex - Kinship Vision
Patrick Bond: Economic Justice Advocacy
Andrej Grubacic: Anarchisms Past and Future
Marie Trigona: Workers' Self Management in Latin America
Milan Rai: Clash of "Civilizations" / The Growing Fear of Islam
David Peterson: Critical Perspectives on Corporate Media
Tony Christini: Liberatory Literature
Andre Vltchek: Indonesia 1965 to Today
Michael Albert: Parecon/Parsoc 2

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