Monday, January 12, 2009

The final days of the Bush Administration are ticking to a close, but there is still time for the outgoing President to leave a "legacy" that inspires something besides contempt. The following petition from the Care2 site calls on you to email Bush and ask him to pressure Israel for a ceasefire.

Gaza: Stop the Violence:‏
On Monday, Masouda al-Samouni lost her 10-month-old son to an Israeli missile attack. She had been preparing food for the baby when the missile struck. "He died hungry," she said.

With 1.5 million people, the Gaza Strip is one of the most densely crowded areas in the world, and Israeli artillery, tank and missile fire can easily cause civilian casualties and deaths.

At least a quarter to one-third of deaths in the recent attacks have been civilians. Unlike other conflicts where there's a chance to flee the war zone, Gaza itself has become the war zone, and there's nowhere else for the population to go.

Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas rocket attacks, but this "war" is a disproportionate response, placing thousands of civilians at risk of injury and death.
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P.S. There's a post in our Human Rights Cause Channel on the conflict in Gaza.


Ulli Diemer said...

Hi Molly/Pat:

Do you think you could mention Jeff Halper's speaking tour in your blog?

He's speaking in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Victoria. I'm working on publicity for the tour.

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Ulli Diemer

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mollymew said...

Hi Ulli,
Thanks for the item. As you can see it has been published here.If I can help out in any other way feel free to ask.
Both 'Connexions' (under the 'Other Interesting Links', 'Radical Digressions' (under the "Blogs' section)and 'Red Menace' (under the 'Canadian Links' section) have long been listed here in the links. With this little prod to my memory I also duplicated thge Red Menace under the "Anarchist Online Libraries' section.
I little thing dawned on me. I checked it out. The Red Menace was published from 1976 to 1980 ie 29 to 33 years ago. The median age of the world's population is now 28 years. This means that you and I have been doing this for longer than most of the world's population has been alive. It's food for thought, both good and bad.
Til we make the 80th percentile keep on struggling.
Pat the M.
aka Mollymew