Thursday, January 01, 2009

The following request for solidarity is from the Jobs With Justice network, and it's about the use to which some of the USA's "bailout money" is being put. Molly has mentioned the Oak Harbor Freight Lines before on this blog, and pressure continues to be put on them to treat their workers fairly.

Tell KeyBank: Stop Using Bailout Money to Finance Anti-Worker Company:‏
KeyBank: Stop Using Taxpayer Bailout Money to Finance Oak Harbor's Workers Rights Violations!
KeyBank was approved for $2.5 billion as part of the national bailout. But instead of using the money to give relief to those hardest hit in the current economy, Key Bank is using their bailout money to increase corporate profits by buying other banks and underwriting Oak Harbor Freight Lines, a company that has cancelled its retirees health care and violated US and international labor laws affecting hundreds of striking Teamsters in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
Last week, Jobs with Justice Coalitions in Portland and Seattle protested at KeyBank branches as part of the People's Bailout National Week of Action. More actions are planned this week in six cities throughout the country. Tell KeyBank: We won't back down until we see justice! You can take action on this alert via the web at:
Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.
We encourage you to take action by January 15, 2009
KeyBank: Stop using taxpayer bailout money to finance Oak Harbor's workers rights violations! INSTRUCTIONS TO RESPOND VIA THE WEB:
If you have access to a web browser, you can take action on this alert by going to the following URL:
Your letter will be addressed and sent to:
Henry Meyer
Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],
I am extremely concerned about KeyBank's ongoing financial support of Oak Harbor Freight Lines, a rogue company that has broken US labor law and violated international labor standards during a three month strike in the Northwest.
An investigation by the International Labor Rights Forum found that Oak Harbor has violated International Labor standards by, among other actions, discriminating against minorities and women in its hiring practices, pursuing a premeditated plan to permanently replace employees engaged in a lawful strike, employing a labor contractor that has behaved in a grossly unethical manner toward replacement workers it has provided to Oak Harbor, and by inflicting significant hardship on retired employees through the termination of health insurance contributions.
As a recipient of taxpayer money, KeyBank should act responsibly by extending relief to those most in need, every day customers, not extending lines of credit to companies like Oak Harbor.
As a taxpayer, I urge you not to finance Oak Harbor's worker abuses.
cc: Christopher Ohmacht
Karen Haefling
Margot Copeland
Paul Harris

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