Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Across the world the situation of immigrant workers is inevitably worse than workers native to the country. This is true here in North America, and it is especially true in the country of Russia. All too often this injustice goes to the ultimate-death. Here's a story from the English language section of the Polish anarchist news wire Centrum Informacji Anarchistcznej (a fine source for news about eastern Europe) about a recent such atrocity in Moscow.

Seven Tadzhik construction workers were killed yesterday in Moscow when a fire broke out in an underground parking garage where they were being illegally housed. At least 20 other workers were caught in the blaze but were rescued.

Construction firms most often provide migrant workers with makeshift housing (such as containers or garages) in flagrant violate of health and safety regulations.

The workers said that over 100 people were living in the garage, below the 24-floor building site being constructed by the company MegaStroiPolis. There were kitchens set up there - often on gas tanks - and there were many dangerous heating devices which were used in subzero temperatures. The garage was otherwise not heated.

The site was supposedly "examined" by the official City Hall Committee for Construction Supervision on Dec. 26. No safety violations were found.

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