Monday, January 05, 2009

As the Israeli attack on Gaza continues, in the hope of terrorizing the population of that blighted swatch of territory to abandon their support of Hamas rallies continue to be held across the world to protest this 100 to one (by death tolls- most of them undoubtedly Gazan civilians) disproportionate use of force. Here's the report on one, held in the Ontario city of Hamilton last Saturday. From the Linchpin website via the Ontario Anarchist Forum....
Hamilton Rally to Defend Gaza:

On about 48 hours notice, at least 120 rallied and marched in opposition to the siege and bombardment of Gaza in Hamilton today, letting fellow citizens hear their outrage through chants, leaflets and local media outlets. “Defend Gaza,” an ad-hoc committee formed to organize against the Gaza siege, called the event. Other organizers in Hamilton arranged for buses to take people to Toronto's rally.

As the Israeli military begins a ground invasion, it was reported from the bull horn at the demonstration that local activists have recently lost family members in Gaza to Israeli military bombs. Right now, to stand with those calling for an end to this imperialist brutality is the least we can do. In the future, if strategies like divestment from Israel, diplomatic pressure and disentanglement from US empire are to be seriously implemented, we have our own work to do here at home to achieve a political system capable of taking these actions.

The Hamilton branch of Common Cause spoke briefly at the rally and endorsed the event, along with the Arab Women's League, Hamilton Palestinian Association, McMaster Muslims for Peace & Justice, Canadian Arab Federation & others. Defend Gaza and will continue leafleting Monday at McMaster University and Tuesday at King and James. On Wednesday evening there will be an open forum to discuss further action.

Defend Gaza can be reached at for further information.

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