Saturday, January 17, 2009

Demonstrations are continuing every Saturday in Canada against Israel's war on Gaza. One of these today was in London Ontario where four peace activists occupied the offices of Tory MP Ed Holder. Here's the story from the Activist Magazine.
Peace advocates occupy Conservative MP’s office demanding action on Gaza war crimes:
Written by Rick Telfer
Saturday, 17 January 2009
Four peace advocates in London, Ontario are at the office of London West Conservative MP Ed Holder demanding immediate action from the Canadian government to denounce the continuing massacre in Gaza.

They are determined not to leave willingly until Mr. Holder agrees to advocate that the minority Conservative government:

- call publicly and vigorously for Israel to accept the ceasefire proposed by
Hamas without further conditions or stalling;
- condemn the Israeli
aggression against Gaza for what it is—a war crime (as is the firing of Hamas
rockets into Israel);
- demand that Israel ensure the full and safe delivery
of humanitarian aid to the needy in Gaza and cease targeting relief workers and
emergency medical staff;
- demand that Israel end the collective punishment
of Gazans and lift the illegal blockade of the territory (failing which,
boycott-divestment-sanction measures against Israel must be coordinated by the
international community;
- immediately reverse its shameful opposition to the
recent UN Human Rights Council resolution condemning Israel's offensive in the
Gaza Strip and set up a probe into "grave" human rights violations by Israeli
forces against the Palestinians.

Wendy Goldsmith, a social worker, Beth Guthrie, a library reference specialist, David Heap, a professor, all three from People for Peace, London and Cory Morningstar, president of Council of Canadians London Chapter are outraged at Canada’s complicity with Israeli aggression and crimes against humanity, and deeply concerned over the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

"If my family and my community were being bombed to pieces and incinerated by white phosphorous shells, I would hope that people in other countries would take a stand against such atrocities." remarked Cory Morningstar, mother of five. Wendy Goldsmith adds "As a social worker in London, my job is to keep children safe. Who is helping to keep the children of Gaza safe?"

"Thousands of people in London have been crying out for justice for Gaza," points out Beth Guthrie, who has helped organize rallies and other events over the last three weeks. "But our government has been ignoring Canadians and ignoring international law. This complicity has to end."

"All Conservative government offices have turned into mouthpieces for Israeli war criminals." comments David Heap. "There are 142 more Conservative MPs offices across the country where other Canadians should be taking their peaceful, persistent and creative protests."

Call directly: David 1-519-859-3579 or Wendy 1-519-281-5225 or Beth 1-519-281-5538. For updates or background, contact Rick at FRANÇAIS: pour des entrevues contacter David 1-519-859-3579, pour des nouvelles Rick at Media release:

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