Saturday, June 14, 2008

Black Flag, one of the leading anarchist magazines in the UK is on the search for contributors. Have something to say ? Think you can say it well ? Why not give BF the internet equivalent of a dingle. The following announcement is from the Anarchist Writers blog.
Black Flag -- call for contributions/help
I would just to like to call for contributions for the next issue of Black Flag, the UK's leading (and oldest) anarchist magazine(I guess this description depends on the difference between "magazine" and "newspaper' as freedom is quite obviously older than BF-Molly). It has a class struggle anarchist perspective, i.e., communist-anarchist or anarcho-syndicalist.

We are aiming to make it bi-annual this year and the first issue was published for May Day. The next will be for the London Anarchist bookfair in October. The deadline is in mid-August, but please contact us to you are planning to contribute material.

We are specifically looking for someone to write about the health sector, discussing anarchist ideas on the state of the NHS and the demands in America for a state run system instead of their quasi-privatised system. Specifically, what do anarchists do in the short run with regards to New Labour plans on the NHS (which seems to be privatisation by stealth) and the obvious limitations in the American system (as prompted, in part, by "Sicko"). Something beyond "We need a revolution", in other words.

Also, we need articles which analysis current struggles and events. As a bi-annual magazine, we need more than just reporting. Historical material and reviews are welcome, but we are not short of them and we wish to have a good balance between current analysis and historical articles.

Obviously, we are looking for work in the class struggle anarchist tradition but we will consider libertarian Marxist material as well. As long as it is interesting and makes valid points, it will be given a hearing.

If you are interested in subscribing, writing, getting involved or giving us your money, our contact details are:
Black Flag
BM Hurricane
United Kingdom

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