Friday, June 13, 2008

The media has been full of Stephan Harper's recent apology to the victims of Indian residential schools in the last few days. All that Molly can say about this is that it confirms her opinion of Harper's intelligence- very high. He has managed to fool almost everybody and thrown a spanner into the works when the public perception of the sleeze of his government is growing. He even managed to put the screws to a member of his party who expressed the real Conservative (Reform party Mark II) opinion about native claims, and made said member lie in public via a craven "apology". But this sort of backroom thuggery is what Harper is best at, and no matter how much he offends the neandertals in his Party they will tow the line because they recognize an "ubermensch" in his leadership. It fits their own emotions anyways. The statements of the NDP and the Bloc Québecois about how Canada has yet to sign the UN convention about the rights of aboriginal peoples (Canada is one of only four refusniks) have been lost in the great national back-patting that Harper's theatrics have produced. Jesus H. Christ aren't we great !!!. Harper's own religious affiliation to an evangelical sect that has never disavowed the purpose of assimilation has also been lost in the fireworks.
Rather than comment upon this masterful performance of political sleeze further, however, Molly would like to refer her readers to the Porkupine Blog where her comrade Larry Gambone has discussed this matter much more fully. All that I will say further is that I wish that Stepan Harper was "on our side" because such an ability to bullshit and squish nuts would be an asset to any political movement. But leftism, let alone anarchism, would hardly afford Sneaky Stevie such opportunities as he has now. Full kudos for the false tears Stevie.

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