Sunday, June 15, 2008

Molly especially likes this notice as it exemplifies the natural response of ordinary people in extra-ordinary times. The following is a notice from the A-Infos website that I have translated from the Spanish.
[Argentina] Workers' Hands Cooperative of Lugano
We are a group of workers from township 20 of Lugano who, in November 2007, decided to work against adversity in the cooperative form and fight together against the exploitation that occurs daily in the clandestine textile workshops of the city of Buenos Aires.
With our effort we have raised the textile workshop wages in our neighborhood without need
of bosses. Three months after we started production. Arm in arm we work with work with those of the surrounding neighborhood and others who have arrived from elsewhere in the Buenos Aires City and the Great Buenos Aires area.
We currently offer our products to the public.
Communicate with us at:
or to telephone us at
15-6-678-1205 / 15-6-714-9802
If you want to know more about us you can do so at:
Don't doubt! Forward this email if you believe in the dignity of work and in the solidarity, which must fight against exploitation, unemployment, poverty, individualism, hunger, and that all our hands together have the power to change reality
Cooperative Workers 'Hands '

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