Sunday, June 22, 2008

The following is from today's A-Infos board.
Russia, Penza, Outrageous arrests of two anarchist students
Two anarchist students from the city of Penza were arrested on June 19 for handing out leaflets! The leaflets said "Government is the prison of the people. Become an anarchist and free yourself!" The cops are pressing criminal charges against the two, Oslav Kirosheyev and Vitaly Bakhmasterov. The face expulsion from the university and imprisonment.
This is an extremely dangerous case as the police are basically trying to use anti-extremist laws to outlaw all public anarchist activity, even handing out such leaflets. Just like in the old days of the totalitarian one party state, thought crime is punished by imprisonment.
Penza is a city with over half a million people. In such places with no big organized anarchist movement, the authorities feel free to exercise all their power to crush anybody who even tries to start an anarchist movement. We have got to send a clear message to them that we will not tolerate this and try to support these two because the state is clearly trying to repress young people like that and scare them in order to repress any potential anarchist organizing.
Hopefully news will follow on how you can help. A possible fax for sending nasty letters about the case would be the city Duma (municipal government) :3-01 54-18-12
There is a video here:

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