Wednesday, June 25, 2008



Last Saturday Molly managed to drop by the new Pollock's Hardware Co-op official reopening. Although it has been open for a brief period before it was time for a party to celebrate the "official" opening of the new store. About 200 people gathered on the sidewalk in front of Pollock's for the street party before everyone was driven inside by a thunderstorm. Dozens and dozens of people continued to drop by through the day to look around and offer their best wishes.

Molly took a few pictures (see below), though the quality of some leaves much to be desired. Trust me, the ones I discarded were even worse. Just a little heads up here. The picture that shows the website of the store advertised as is wrong. The actual website, if you want to learn more about the new co-op is . You can find details there about membership and "investment shares", as well as the history of how the co-op came to be. The site is still under construction, and more info will be added with updates.

The co-op fills many functions: an alternative for those fed up with the big box stores, keeping business and revenue in the community, providing employment for local people, building community by providing a place to meet and greet one's neighbours, stopping the decay of Winnipeg's North End, returning revenue to the consumers/members of the co-op and saving them money,empowering ordinary people and giving them a sense that can actually do something rather than being passive spectators, keeping a convenient local institution up and running for those who don't want to or can't drive across town and much more. The co-op model, in both its consumer and producer facets provides a living alternative to both corporate "capitalism" and to the false socialism of state enterprise. May there be two, three, many such initiatives as Pollock's in the years to come.


Al said...

Your post is not factual.

As the spokesperson for the church, I have now seen the will for myself and the church is not named as a beneficiary whatsoever - have you seen the will? I'm sure that if you saw the will you would call off the protest.

If you're interested in facts please read on.

1. Mrs. Liu was a member of the church since 1999, up to the time of her death.
2. The church has never and is not named as a beneficiary of any property whatsoever in Mrs. Liu’s will.
3. The church has no legal nor beneficiary relationship with any beneficiary of Mrs. Liu’s estate. Interesting that your post states that the church is related to the publication named as the beneficiary - what's that based on? If you ever put an ad in the Toronto Star and the Star is sued, does that make you a related party?
Sure hope not. So please explain how the church is related to the publication. Facts please!

4. The church is not named in any legal action pertaining to Mrs. Liu’s estate.

In light of the facts above, the church respectfully and strongly requests that there be no further attempts to suggest that the church is connected with the disposition of Mrs. Liu’s estate. The church reserves the right to refer all future matters so-connected to legal counsel.

Calling attention to real issues around poverty resonates with the church - it's a big concern for us. Let's just make sure we go after the real ones.

Rochelle said...

I did a search for Winnipeg freegans to see if anything came up, and found your site. I'm wondering if you are a freegan,and if so, if you know of a Winnipeg group of people that are into this. I would like to join with people who are already doing this and know the right places to go, etc. I would appreciate it if you would contact me re. this.