Saturday, June 28, 2008

To say the least Molly hardly finds the following item "surprising". Managers may come to power in many ways, as they replace the capitalists as a ruling class. When they come to power via a "revolution", as what happened in Cuba, the new ruling class will generally be much more conservative than one that has come to power via a natural evolution. Thus the fact that the Cuban "peoples' dictatorship" (sic) is far more opposed to gay rights than other social democratic regimes that have recently come to power in South America. It's one of the unforeseen (to those who believe in "revolution") consequences of "revolution", whatever the ideology of the revolutionists. The following is a Molly translation of a recent item from a Spanish language item at the A-Infos website. What I can say is that, as the dictator lies dying piece by piece, like his fascist progenitor Franco did, that the people of Cuba will gradually attempt to expand their realm of freedom. Soon there will be no more communist dictatorship for our paleolithic leftists to "support". Look for them to find good things about the hereditary monarchy of North Korea.

[Cuba] The government aborted gay march
The demonstration was called by the Cuban Commission on Human Rights for sick people with HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases(A Molly interpretation) Eni, the Cuban League Against Aids Foundation "Elena Mederos," the Foundation LGTB (lesbian gay bisexual transgender) "Reynaldo Arenas, the Cuban Movement for Homosexual Liberation, Collective Transsexual Havana Cultural Center LGTB y. the Gay Political Organization Presidio "Reynaldo Arenas in Memorian ". The First Gay Pride Parade, as it was called by its organizers,was planned to take place since the Don Quixote Park, located at 23 and J streets in the El Vedado neighborhood in until the Ministry of Justice ,agreed to demands of the Cuban government.
Gay Universe: A detainee in Cuba in Gay Pride parade
Nearly 20 people(Molly Note-great social changes always begin with small numbers of courageous people) were gathered in Havana under the slogan "For the respect for sexual diversity ", without police repression. Due to the poor attendance, after waiting half an hour, they proceeded to disperse on their own initiative. However, a few hours later
the president of the Cuban League against AIDS, Ignacio Estrada,was arrested. He was, coincidentally, one of the most prominent conveners of the march(how communist of them-Molly).It is still not known whether he was released. According to statements via telephone by Fidel Valdes, a member of one of the groups participating, the small attendance at the demonstration was due to visits by selective Officers of the State Security Department to well-known figures of the local the gay scene. It was also known that a group of transvestites that travelled inland with the intention to participate in the so-called First Lesbian Gay Pride march, was detained at the terminal at the time of arrival at the capital; being released hours later.
Molly Note- the paleolithic leftists here in North America do major efforts in terms of lieing on behalf of the Cuban dictatorship. Sometimes their gymnastics can be amusing, as when Maoists, with a lack of any thuggish murderous regime to support, are reduced to supporting the Cuba that they formerly denounced as "revisionist" at the same time as it is more and more involved in capitalist partnerships(never say such a bad word). or when leftists here in NA continue to trumpet the "superiority" of the Cuban health care system while at the same time doing their little "solidarity bit" to gather expired !!! medical supplies to ship down to this "superior" system. I shit you not. That is what these people do and they have no idea of the contradiction in their efforts. May I say that the Cuban ruling class doesn't have to depend upon such charity. No expired materials for those managers. They get the same quality that managers of social control receive up here or that those rich people from here can buy from the Cuban ruling class while the average Cuban is denied. Love that "socialism".

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