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This item comes via the Northern Prairie Anarchist board, but is originally from the War Resisters Support Campaign. The latter are a group of Canadian citizens who are in support of the right of American war resisters who have refused to fight America's present illegal wars to remain in Canada. Two events are coming up in the next few days. One is a national day of protest on July 2, and the other is a Toronto event on July 3. Read on.


From supporters of Corey Glass…

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Communiqué : June 23, 2008

Salut Everyone!

Mike and I first want to thank everyone for joining in to support Corey Glass and for all the letters and calls to our Canadian government.

It’s great to see all the national and international support. It’s simply wonderful.

As all you wonderful people know, we got a huge victory lift when our Canadian Parliament passed with a majority the “war resister” motion, which would allow Corey and the other resisters to stay.

The fight does end there... Since the motion is technically non-binding, we have to put our weight against the Conservative (Tory) government to implement it – and rescind Corey’s deportation order, which is set for July 10th.

The War Resister Support Campaign (WRSC) has been busy little bees targeting Tory ridings to pressure them to implement the Parliamentary motion.

For more info about the vote and the campaign please see,

Mike and I will also be continuously updating the site with information in these crucial next weeks.

If you’ve ever felt passionate about an issue and wanted to make a difference, this is your time. Get active! Canadian, American, International support is always welcome!

With your help (and yes, I mean YOU cuz all the YOUS add up to one big WE), we can make this right, force the Tories to follow through on Canadian wishes and the Parliamentary motion, and keep Corey and the other resisters in Canada.

To end, here’s two things/dates to remember (more TBA):

1: Everyone can partake in this one on July 2nd: Corey Glass National Day of Action http://www.facebook .com/event. php?eid=26162301 557&ref=mf

2: If you’re in the GTA area: Rally to Stop the Deportation of Parkdale Resident Corey Glasshttp://www.facebook .com/event. php?eid=16815358 663&ref=mf

If you haven’t already done so, please contact Diane Finley, our Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. She can stop Corey Glass’ deportation.(if you’re not in Canada, I suggest email)

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Diane Finley

phone 613.996.4974

fax 613.996.9749





And contact our Prime Minister, who can direct Finley to act according to our wishes and allow all the resisters to stay in Canada.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

phone 613.992.4211

fax 613.941.6900


Thanks everyone!-Krystalline and Mike

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