Friday, June 27, 2008

Here's another one from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). This item is about a protest held in North Bay, Ontario yesterday with an unique twist. It was a twelve hour "rock-a-thon" where workers, residents and families held a rocking chair marathon to demand better care for seniors in Ontario. Molly has to applaud such creativity. "What is the sound of seven hands clapping?". Too many protests are ritualized and boring beyond human endurance-and yes!!! this includes the travelling anarchist "rent-a-riot" who are under the delusion that set piece battles with the police in which they always lose in the end are some sort of "alternative". The ordinary people of North bay have a better idea. You gotta grab the imagination, and North Bay has done it. Love the youngest protester in the photo above !
Rock-a-thon for standards of care
Long term care workers, residents and their families held a rocking chair marathon in North Bay this week, to push for regulated standards of care in Ontario nursing homes.

The twelve hour long "rock-a-thon" organized by CUPE 146 and the North Bay District CUPE Council, brought attention to the McGuinty government's broken promise on care standards.

*Background: CUPE on long term care
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