Saturday, June 14, 2008

As the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe continues to cling to power, to the immense detriment of ordinary people in that country, the security forces pf the regime continue to round up political opponents. The following appeal is from the IUF, and it concerns a recent arrest of a Zimbabwean labour leader.
Zimbabwe Farmworkers' Leader Abducted to 'Torture Center'
On June 12, Edward Dzeka, area officer for the General Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union of Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ) and Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), was picked up by suspected militia thugs of the ruling party ZANU (PF) and transported to what is described as a torture center near the town of Chegutu. Dzeka had previously been arrested on April 16 and was free on bail. He is also an elected councillor for the opposition MDC in Chegutu West.
Given the atrocious record of violence against GAPWUZ members and officers, the ZCTU and the MDC and its supporters, there is every reason to fear for Edward Dzeka's physical safety.
The IUF is calling for messages to the government of Zimbabwe demanding his immediate and unconditional release and guarantees of his physical and psychological well being. You can fax a message to the government of Zimbabwe at the number indicated in the sample message below. We also encourage copies to the embassy of Zimbabwe in your country (a list of embassies is available online at Please send copies of any messages you might send to the IUF secretariat.
Sample Message to President Mugabe
To: Mr. Robert G. Mugabe
President , Republic of Zimbabwe
Fax: +
Dear President Mugabe ,
Concerns: detention of Edward Dzeka
I have learned that Mr. Edward Dzeka, councillor in Chegutu West and an officer of GAPWUZ and the ZCTU, was picked up on June 12 by reported militia of ZANU (PF) and transported to what has been described as a 'torture center' near Chegutu. Given the record of violence against trade unionists and MDC members and activists, we fear for his safety, and hold the government responsible for Mr. Dzeka's safety and physical integrity. We call on your government to secure Mr. Dzeka's immediate release.
Yours sincerely,
cc: the embassy of Zimbabwe in your country

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