Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here's an interesting suggestion for possible help for the insurgent people in Iran. This comes from the Anarchist Black Cat discussion board. Whether this sort of thing would actually work and whether it would be of assistance is hard for Molly to say. What is interesting is the large role that Twitter has taken in this revolt. If the recent Greek rebellion could be said to have run on text messaging this Iranian rebellion seems to be running on Twitter. If the suggestion below were to actually become popular I can foresee one potential difficulty...the vast majority of the Twitter posts would be in English or Spanish. Seems like an easy one to filter out. But, there again, there may be something that I don't know. The paradigm behind the idea is actually quite valid. If you want to tie a secret police force in knots feed it an overwhelming amount of useless and trivial information. Recipes for hamburger anyone ? Paying the employees of spy agencies overtime can only go so far. Eventually they do little but count grains of sand on the beach and never get to do anything else. It's actually an old tried and trusted tactic has been used in a different context in syndicalist free speech fights and other civil disobedience ie "clog the courts and the jails" rather than the information gathering apparatus. Sometimes it works.
Would it work in this case, at least temporarily ? Who knows. See what you think. Here's the suggestion...
From friends in Iran :
Dear all:
Set your twitter time and location to Tehran. Makes it harder for the Iranian secret service to track people down in Tehran.
We need your help. Thank you.
Please repost widely!

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Mira said...

Nice idea but don't count on it.