Thursday, June 04, 2009

The following appeal is from the United Students Against Sweatshops, and it concerns the efforts to organize hotels operated by HEI Hotels and Resorts. This operation seems to be a cross between a holding company and a franchise chain. No doubt there is some creative tax accounting involved as well. One thing is certain, the management of HEI is viciously anti-union and will do anything to deny their employees their rights. Here's the appeal...
HEI Fires Union Leader Ferdi Lazo:
On Wednesday May 27, union leader Ferdi Lazo was fired from the HEI Sheraton Crystal City Hotel. Ferdi is an outspoken leader of the campaign for workplace justice who has led delegations to management, marched on picket lines, traveled to speak with students at universities invested in HEI and tirelessly stood up for his coworkers rights and dignity.

HEI workers across the country are campaigning for a fair card check neutrality process to decide whether or not to form a union. At each hotel where workers have demanded justice, HEI has laidoff or disciplined union activists. On the first day of the campaign in Northern Virginia, Ferdi was suspended without pay. After an outpouring of student and community solidarity, Ferdi was called back to work. Now he needs our support again!

Call Sheraton Crystal City General Manager, Pradeep Bobba: 703.486.1111
"Hi, my name is ________ and I am a student calling from ________. I urge you to immediately respect the rights of your hotel workers by signing a Card Check Neutrality Agreement and reinstating Ferdi Lazo! Thank you. "
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Please go to THIS LINK to send the following letter to HEI management.
Subject:I Stand With Ferdi!
Dear [ Decision Maker ],
I am deeply concerned about the recent firing of union leader Ferdi Lazo. Since 1990, Ferdi has been a hardworking, responsible employee at the Sheraton Crystal City.
Union leaders at HEI hotels across the country have been disciplined and laidoff in what appears to be a pattern. I stand with the workers who are standing up for their rights and dignity!
I demand that you sign a fair card check neutrality agreement and reinstate Ferdi now!

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