Monday, March 02, 2009

The following is from the Libcom site.
Greek unions call 24 hour general strike:

Greece's main labour body said Thursday it is calling a 24-hour general strike to protest more than 4,000 lay-offs that have swept the country in February.

Workers should not "pay the price of the financial crisis," the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) said in a statement.

GSEE - which did not specify the date for the strike - said February's figure followed significant job losses between November and January when nearly 8,000 people lost their jobs.The body, representing around 600,000 workers, urged a general strike to demand job security, as well as improved union and salary rights for workers.

Wednesday, a thousand demonstrators marched in central Athens after a smaller union collective, Adedy, called a strike in protest of the country's conservative government.


Lest anyone be thinking that the millennium has arrived I urge the reader to go to the LibCom site, where it is made plain that these sort of one day strikes are, like in France, more of a "steam-eventing" exercise than a real attempt to challenge the government's policies. The comment also clarifies things like the fact that GSEE is a private sector union confederation while ADEDY is a similar one for the public sector.

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