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The following appeal for solidarity with locked out radio programmers at Toronto's CKLN radio is from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP).
This International Women's Day Support Locked-Out CKLN Programmers!‏:
This International Women's Day
… Support campus-community radio & locked-out CKLN programmers!
Join our national radio direct action!
LIVE TO AIR: Wednesday March 11th, from 5-10pm (EST)
LOCATION: The Imperial Pub (54 Dundas Street East, just east of Yonge/Dundas)
In 2008, 53 volunteer programmers were 'fired' from campus-community radio station CKLN 88.1 FM in Toronto without explanation. Tune-in to a live broadcast by former CKLN hosts and DJs, as they stream onto the internet and reclaim the lost airwaves.
Marking International Women's Day, the 'fired' programmers include the hosts of CKLN's only feminist program, as well as many other women, trans and queer, activist and marginalized programmers. This 5-hour broadcast will feature voices otherwise silenced in the mainstream, as well as focus on community grassroots media across this country, its significance and importance.
SIMULCASTERS & RE-BROADCASTERS: This broadcast will be available in high-quality over the internet @ and archived for later re-broadcast @ .
LISTENERS ACROSS CANADA: Catch this broadcast on March 11th as it happens in full or partially through CKUT in Montreal (90.3 FM, ), CHRYin Toronto (105.5 FM, ), CJUM in Manitoba (101.5 FM, ) and Co-op Radio in Vancouver (102.7 FM, Starchoice 845 Satellite, Telus Channel 178, ). TUNE IN @
1. ENDORSEMENTS! If your organization or group or local is interested in endorsing this broadcast, let us know and we'll thank you on-air …
2. DONATE! Make a financial or in-kind donation (food for the day of the broadcast, photocopying, printing, etc.) …
3. OUTREACH! Help us spread the word, through flyering and postering
4. COME OUT ON THE DAY! Join us as we broadcast live, help us on the ground of the broadcast, join us in listening to powerful voices and music, be there for a memorable community event… (LOCATION: TBA)
Remember, you too can help make this national radio direct action a success. For more info, email us at:
A Live-To-Air Broadcast for IWD (Toronto)
March 11th, 2009 – 5 pm to 10 pm (Eastern Time) -
5:00 PM
Honour the Earth
Featuring the music, thoughts & perspectives of First Nations women of Turtle Island. HOST: Audrey Redman
5:30 PM
Saturday Morning Live Weekend energy for a week night action!
Featuring SML regular contributor Gerald Horne (Professor in History at the University of Houston and prolific African American historian), and 'Amandla', with a focus on events and analysis from the African continent,featuring the voices and issues of women.
Audrey Wandolo and Omme-Salma Rahemtullah
6:00 PM
OCAP Radio
Brought to you by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP), a proud radio space hosting the voices of women fighting back against poverty. Highlights include tenants waging a creative struggle for affordable housing, and disability rights activists battling against ableist government policies and working to create accessible space. Music of resistance will be present too as we reclaim the airwaves once again!
HOST: Stef Gude
6:30 PM
Anti-Psychiatry Radio
Long-time anti-psychiatry activist Don Weitzwill interview Bonnie Burstow, feminist anti-psychiatrist. Don will also comment on key struggles against electro-shock, including the current campaign "Stop Shocking Our Mothers and Grandmothers" organized by the Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault (CAPA).
HOST: Don Weitz
7:00 PM
No One Is Illegal Radio Featuring the "Shelter.Sanctuary.Status"campaign,
NOII radio will highlight on-going work towards access to services and the provision of full legal immigration status for all women and their families fleeing diverse forms of violence. This show will also recognize the violence of deportation and detention, and demand the elimination of these forms of state violence.
No One is Illegal-Toronto is a group of immigrants, refugees and allies who fight for justice for all migrants, and believe that granting citizenship to a privileged few is part of a racist immigration and border policy that marginalizes and exploits migrants.
HOST: Yen Chu
7:30 PM
Dat Dere
A jazz improvising creative music and poetry community radio program, its roots are in the Black experience in the diaspora and internationally. The show is dedicated to challenging inquiring minds of all ages. Over 100 years ago,15,000 women marched through New York City demanding their rights politically,socially and economically. Today and every year on this day since that march, we celebrate that significant event. We celebrate women all over the world, We hear their voices, and We rejoice in all our achievements.
HOSTS: Chloe Onari, Gary Topp, Sharon McLeod.
8:15 PM
Ventana Al Barrio / WOM Fridays presents:
"Resistentes! Womyn Still Standing and Moving Strong" [Resistentes: Plural, Adj., Lang:Spanish. Trans: 1. resistant, strong, tough 2. those who resist] We resist through music, words and actions! Join this 30-minute journey through word and song along a path of resistance. Hear women's voices speak about grassroots political and cultural activism in writing, music and social advocacy as they comment on who and how many people across borders struggle to rescue, reclaim, transform and survive - their lives, their stories, their cultures, and their voices- against the forces of market and capital driven trends that place greed above need. HOST: Susy Alvarez.
8:45 PM
Radio Cliteracy Broadcasts from Exile!
Focusing on the importance of community radio in encouraging women's empowerment locally and globally, this show will feature:
* "Things left unsaid" - Through a series of creative writing pieces, black queer youth speak to the experience of existing just beyond the fringes of a black civil rights movement that often excludes queer voice and a feminist movement that often does not represent their reality.
* The White Ribbon Campaign - Radio Cliteracy trains youth to produce radio segments on the issue of violence against women.
* ISIS Manila - Daniel Vandervoort interviews about ISIS Manila, an NGO working to broadcast the voices of women in the Global South through grassroots communications initiatives.
HOSTS: Carmelle Wolfson, Kim Crosby, Nat Tremblay, Sarah Reaburn & Ruby Tuesday
9:15 PM
Frequency Feminisms
*Womyn Powered is a diverse collective of real womyn - of colour, dis/abled, poor and subversive - who are bringing you the stories that you will not find in the mainstream. Tune in for spoken word, collective action, music and other expressions of our oppression and redemption. Because we survive, because we can sing, because we reclaim - join us! For IWD, we will cover the struggles of womyn migrant workers and our collective resistance, as we take back the airwaves.
HOSTS - Anna Saini,Yolisa Dalamba, Joeita Gupta, Oriel Varga, Gein Wong
9:35 PM
Limin in de African Diaspora Come lime with Verlia in de African Diasposa! Let us honour our African Caribbean women who have brought strength and power to their people. Come listen to Ella Andall, Singing Sandra, Sanelle Dempster, Alison Hinds just to name a few! We will also discuss the history of "Limin'" and the contribution this show has provided to our diverse communities.
HOST: Verlia
Archives for the entire broadcast will be available for download and replay for not for profit purposes at following March11th.
For more info and updates, visit

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