Saturday, March 07, 2009

The following is a communiqué from the 'Gula Armé Fractionen' , a Swedish direct action ecology group. It comes via the Swedish anarchist site Autonoma Rötter. Molly loves the playful and humorous way that these Swedish comrades are approaching their actions. We could learn from them.

GAF: Liberation action at Vattenfall‏:
Around lunchtime on Wednesday the 4th of March, a group of activists entered the headquarters of Swedish state-run energy giant Vattenfall in downtown Stockholm. They left again with 44 of the yellow plastic figurines that Vattenfall uses in their PR-campaign about climate change.
The activists were a commando of the Yellow Army Faction. They write in their manifesto:
"We are the Yellow Army Faction. We are the 237944 yellow plastic figurines created by Vattenfall. For months we have been forced to silently support its dirty policies. Now, we fight back!
We will not support the continued expansion of the fossil-fuel society. We will not support the mining of more brown coal, the construction of more coal-fired power plants, or billions of Crowns of support for new coal technology.
We do not believe in Vattenfall’s lies about so-called ‘clean’ coal. We also do not have time to wait for 20 years for a technology that merely might work. We have to stop burning coal now!
The Yellow Army Faction will fight Vattenfall, and the capitalist system that is driving the earth towards its collapse.
The Yellow Army Faction demands:
* The release of all of our yellow comrades!
* The immediate shutdown of all coal-fired power plants!
* That all construction of new coal-fired power plants cease
* An immediate stop to all mining of brown coal!
* No more billions in research support for new coal technology: all
resources should go to renewable energies!

Today we released 44 of our imprisoned comrades. The fight has only just begun!
Images and video
A film about the figurines on Vattenfall’s webpage

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