Monday, March 16, 2009

The following appeal for solidarity with the St. Catherine's hotel worker "Diane" is from the UNITE Canada union.

I stand with Diane:‏
I stand with Diane. And if you support the right of workers to freely form a union, you'll stand with her too.
Diane has worked in St. Catharine's Hotel in Ontario for years and has been in good standing. Last summer she decided that the best way to solve some of the problems that she and her co-workers were facing was to form a union. Very soon after her boss found out and fired her.
The labor board ordered that the employer take Diane back pending a hearing but the damage had been done. The union effort was over and the employer began a campaign to intimidate and isolate Diane.
This is what happens when workers do not have the protections they need. In the US these problems would be addressed by passing the Employee Free Choice Act( ) and in Canada workers in a number of provinces are looking to pass similar legislation.
If bosses are allowed to get away with firing workers for starting a union, the right to a union becomes meaningless. Stand with us, stand for the right to organize.
To show her your support, please visit:
Sign our petition and send us your photo. Together we'll show that workers don't stand alone.
In Solidarity,
Bruce Raynor
General President
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