Friday, March 13, 2009

Here's a little note from one of Molly's old links, George Salzman the anarchist physicist. Not that I always agree with everything George says, but he's always a pleasure to read.
Website II of an anarchist physicist‏:
Oaxaca, Mexico, 13 March 2009
I initiated a new website at It has one item which is not on the old site, namely
Doing away with the Zionist state of Israel, an earned fate, 24 Jan 2009.
I start from the basic assumption that the entire Zionist project to plant a Jewish nation-state in the land of Palestine was illegitimate from its inception, based, as we know, on the premise that the land would be taken from its indigenous population, a conquest to be rationalized on grounds of ancient history and religious dogma, and to be achieved by serving the imperial interests of major Western nations . . . To see entire item, (htm).
Most likely I will not post more than about one item a month. If you do NOT want to be notified of further postings, please let me know so that I can remove your name from the Notes of an anarchist physicist (noaap) listserv, and if you are on the Oaxaca Pro-Palestinian Group (oppg) listserv, from that one as well.
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