Monday, March 16, 2009

While billions and billions continue to flow from the US Treasury to the banks and other institutions that brought about the present financial crisis executives of these corporations seem suicidally determined to show that they have learnt nothing from the debacle. The recent unmasking of the millions of dollars in bonuses that AIG management is awarding itself for its "wonderful" performance is just the latest example of this arrogance. Many ordinary working people are determined to not take this sitting down. Here, from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is news of planned demonstrations against this corporate arrogance.
Insurance giant AIG is the poster child of corporate irresponsibility. It gambled on the housing market and lost, big time. That's why the government had to dole out nearly $200 billion in bailouts just to keep the company afloat.
But word broke yesterday that despite being crowned the "Bailout King," AIG is going to pay out more than $400 million in bonuses.
We've had enough. On Thursday, March 19, thousands of people nationwide will demonstrate outside major banks and demand real change. We want you to join us.
The outrage doesn't stop at the bonuses. We finally found out how AIG has spent its bailout funds - it gave billions of dollars to other bailed out banks, including banks like Bank of America and Citigroup that are actively organizing against change for working families.
Just last week it was revealed that Citigroup organized a call to "build opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act." Bank of America did the same thing just days after it received its first bailout from the government.
We have major banks and financial institutions taking government money with one hand, and slapping working people in the face with the other. The very same people who destroyed our economy are now actively working to prevent its recovery.
Enough. Join our demonstration against corporate excess on Thursday.
It's up to us to take back our economy. We hope you'll join our efforts.
Thanks for all you do.
In solidarity,
Michael Whitney
Change that Works

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Renegade Eye said...

The anger with scandal with the bonuses at AIG, is being controlled by the Democratic Party, and diverts from the bigger questions. My last statement was academic, if it's implied to mean that I wouldn't support the SEIU event.

The liberals don't want the working class, to jump to the obvious conclusion.

Let us cure the disease, not only the symptoms.