Saturday, March 07, 2009

Time goes on, and even though the windchill here in the frozen north continues to reach below minus 30 spring is soon to come. Molly has been busy this last little while on this blog, and here are a few updates:
The never ending editing process continues. The latest major change is the separation of the IWW links from the anarchosyndicalist links. Some in the IWW might say, "about goddamn time". This, of course, like other edits I have done here resulted in an expansion of the Links section. We now have pretty well everything IWW linked here. I have even included those "Industrial Unions" that show the slightest sign of life, even if some of them are as doubtful as any detection of Martian life. No insult to the IWW meant. I was once a member and even a delegate. Still... realism is actually a virtue. If you don't adhere to realism you get nonsense such as a prominent anarchist touting more and more set-piece confrontations with the police because it will eventually result in a crowd "so large that the police will run away in fear". I shit you not. But there again Molly has no ambitions to be paid off by the likes of the 'Glass Manufacturers of America' to lead people down a path that has few beneficiaries other than such.
The editing process will continue, but I'm likely to chip away at the "easy edges" of it before I undertake a major "step-through" such as subdividing the blogs or anarchist music. Simply separating off the Canadian links was time consuming enough. But I can assure you that it will continue, and this site will be the most inclusive and up-to-date contact site on the "anarcho-net".
I have also gotten further and further away from listing only sites in English, French or Spanish. Some of this is inevitable because of the nature of certain sections such as the "Anarcho-Syndicalist Links'. In other cases the links have come about because of courtesy (they linked to this blog) or because I have referred to them in an article on the blog. This practice will continue.
Finally, the articles. There is far more stuff coming my way than I could ever hope to publish here. I tend to give priority to solidarity articles and to those items that arrive in my inbox from others who send me regular updates. My forays beyond this are entirely my own responsibility as I determine what is both important and interesting. If you want a day by day update on who has committed a minor act of vandalism in the USA with some supposed political content I advise you to consult the site of the person who thinks that cheerleading for more and more "great crowds" at summits is a valid thing to do (see above). This site may often seem remote from the militant gung-ho anarchist "scene". All to the better. My own anarchism is one where it has to be relevant to the lives of ordinary people. Without that you have a political sect that is indistinguishable from a religious one. That is something I have no interest in.

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