Saturday, March 07, 2009

One should neither overestimate nor underestimate the influence of the 'Blogosphere'. In our brave new world the major news media more than frequently consult the blogs to get the news that they eventually disseminate. Still, most blogs are like Molly's, very much of an acquired taste and with only a handful of visitors in a day. My present "baseline" is 100 visitors in a day. It rarely drops below this. But, and it's a big but, this is hardly any mass influence. We all hope to reach more and more people, and I hope that Molly's Blog will do just that in the future.
Now, from the Blog Catalog people is yet another tool to reach people. Their 'Bloggers Unite' site is designed to give your causes the maximum possible exposure. Here's the ad.

BlogCatalog Presents‏:
Since 2007, Bloggers Unite has been become one of the most visible social awareness campaigns driven by bloggers like you. If you have not seen the sneak previews of how Bloggers Unite has evolved from a small initiative into its own dynamic social network, please visit today. You helped build it!

While we'll still coordinate three major under served social awareness campaigns every year, Bloggers Unite members can now submit and support their own causes as well. Currently, there are 24 international events listed in the new network.

These events are joined by ten local events recently chosen by BlogCatalog members to encourage even more nonprofit organizations to become involved. We're asking for your help too. Bloggers Unite is about bringing bloggers together to do good. With international, national, and local events from all over the world, we can help people think online and act locally offline. After you join, feel free to add any local events that you care deeply about. This will also help bring attention to many events that are global, but take place on different days on the local level.

Supporting each other by doing good can help you make friends online or in your area, as we all work together to make the world a better place. Even better, once you become a member and write about any worthwhile events that you care about, your blog will automatically be promoted on Bloggers Unite. I'm even including a list of the first ten local events so you can see for yourself that this is a global movement by BlogCatalog members.

Check it out! Let's prove to the world that bloggers can changed the world!

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