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Hey, new and good stuff from that irrepressible anarchist video maker Jonathan Culp at Satan MacNuggit. Here's the March newsletter.


Cinertia #1
2. Satan Macnuggit at Trash Palace
3. LIFT workshops
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Satan Macnuggit proudly presents "Cinertia #1". Subtitled "My Year in Movies",this zine features JC's withering commentary on whatever cinematic goodies passed his way last year.

Over ninety reviews, with tons of pictures and a special bonus essay at the end!

Plus, for a limited time only, a SECRET BONUS DVD.

You can just picture JC leaning back at his desk and smoking a cigar:

Sweeney Todd - "every time someone utters a note everything freezes dead and it's a cue to get up for popcorn/the crapper."
Murder Party - "the script's stabs at character development need to be improved or abandoned, and rather than surprising us with alternating funny-scary it sometimes sits too long in the middle."
Lola Montes - "the toil of the film-making efforts end up deflecting attention from Lola herself - maybe Martine Carol isn't up for the job like everyone says, but more importantly all that metaphor stuff seems to crowd out time she could use to draw us in."
$6 each.
Check www.satanmacnuggit.com for ordering info, or emailjc@satanmacnuggit.com .
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2. Satan Macnuggit at TRASH PALACE;
We got two significant contributions coming up this month:
Oh yeah baby - this is THE crowd pleaser out of all my tax shelter finds to date. Toronto becomes a cheesy dystopia of killer rats through the eyes of director Robert "Enter the Dragon" Clouse! With Scatman Crothers as the TTC maintenance worker who gets eaten by rats; Cec Linder as the kindly scientist who gets eaten by rats; and a baby who gets eaten by rats! Really! FRIDAY MARCH 20 - CLASSROOM FILMS
Get your tickets early for everyone's favourite Trash Palace feature - you won't see these classics anywhere else. TP programmers Jonathan Culp, Greg Woods,Stacey Case and Rob Cruickshank team up to bring you the most demented,un-enlightening trash-o-rama from the stunned classrooms of the nation. As usual, get ready for a whole night of Trash Palace premieres - including, for instance, a washed up 60s singer telling you about the evils of LSD... Doors open at 8:30 pm. Screening at 9:30 pm.

To avoid sellouts, Trash Palace has advance tickets for sale at five dollars each (still the best movie deal in town), available at Eyesore Cinema (note new location), 801 Queen St. W., 2nd Floor, right above Rotate This. The address to Trash Palace (just a short distance away) is on the ticket. The Trash Palace also has a great assortment of 'cold drinks,' snacks, hot dogs, handmade chocolate and merchandise for sale.
Join the Trash Palace Facebook group:
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3. LIFT workshops
The LIFT winter-spring workshop season is underway. Over forty workshops, including a special 'film and documentary' unit. Come check out LIFT's exciting new digs and learn how to make a movie!
Full workshop schedule at:
Check em out!
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